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On Fire For Jesus After 16 Years of Chronic Pain

by | Fri, Nov 17 2023

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Micky in Chindera, New South Wales, has been bed-ridden with chronic pain for 16 years and only six weeks ago was greatly impacted when she discovered Vision.

‘Sixteen years of chronic pain has been really horrific. But Jesus has been there and held me when I wanted to take my life five times. He just put his arms around me and the pain just subsided. It was amazing,’ said Micky. ‘But, six weeks ago, I got a glimpse of Jesus, and now I’m on fire. When I go down the road, I look at people, and they’re not people; they’re souls.’

Micky believes Jesus gave her the spiritual gift of discernment so she can discern whether someone is lost or needs prayer. She’s now very much on fire for Jesus. She says that sometimes God wakes her up in the middle of the night and she feels the need to listen to a devotion that is spot on what she needs at that time.

Her favourite pastors are Greg Laurie, Jeff Vines, and she loves Mandy Worby, who has taught her a lot about Jewish culture. She witnesses to everyone through social media, even her family and friends in America, and spreads the word about listening to Vision.

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Special announcement!

A generous Vision partner has offered to pay for copies of the new Plain English Version of the Bible, distributed through Bible League, to be given to support the work of Indigenous evangelists in Australia. Each person who donates, whether $10 or $10,000, will be putting a Bible into the hands of an Indigenous Australian.

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