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Passing Down the Light of Christ: A Mother’s Wisdom with Darlene Zschech

by | Wed, May 10 2023

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Well-known worship leader and songwriter Darlene Zschech is no stranger to the challenges and joys of motherhood and the impact that mothers have on our lives. She has a deep understanding of the role of mothers and how that influences her work in ministry.

This Mother’s Day, Darlene wants to encourage us to honour and celebrate the mothers in our lives, acknowledging their sacrifices and love. She also reminds us to hold onto hope and trust in God’s faithfulness, even in the midst of challenging circumstances.

Pass On The Light Of Christ

Darlene shares how scripture has helped her pass the light of Christ on to her children. She believes that what we pass on to the next generation is critically important.

‘I have this beautiful picture in my heart of all of us,’ says Darlene. ‘I see a flame, a light, a candle and myself as a mum, passing on the light of Christ to my kids, grandkids and those in my world that I have the honour of influencing.’

Psalm 78 encourages us not to hide the things we have heard from our children, but to tell the coming generation of the glorious deeds of the Lord and His might. It goes on to say that we should set our hope in God and not forget His works, but keep His commandments.

Stories Of God’s Goodness

‘I’m very aware when I think of the world,’ says Darlene, ‘that it’s my responsibility to carry the light of Christ. I’m finding myself more and more being very intentional, just talking about the stories of God’s goodness.’

Darlene believes our kids don’t necessarily need to hear our opinions about everything. They need to hear the stories. In Revelation, it says we overcome by the blood of the lamb and the power of testimony. We need to teach our children about the things God has done, and tell of His greatness in modern-day language.

‘I tell my kids the stories of God being with us when we had zero money,’ says Darlene, ‘and how groceries would turn up at the door. About how God brought me to stand before kings and presidents and that none of it was my own doing. God has made a way in my life that I cannot ever take credit for.’

Our Purpose As Mothers

Darlene loves to tell the story of a time when she was going through chemo, and actually felt like she was going to die. Her family had to call an ambulance, but God gave her a picture of her life in the future. It was actually her granddaughter’s wedding she was seeing, and it was an anchor that she was able to hold on to.

‘I want to just encourage everyone today to practice the passing of one generation to the next of God’s incomparable works,’ Darlene says. ‘I believe it’s part of our purpose as mums.’

‘Keep telling the stories of what you’ve experienced of God’s greatness. It’s part of how we can carry the light of Christ to our children as they then carry it to their children.’

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