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Persistence Brings Vision Radio to Nannup, WA

by | Thu, Jun 15 2023

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Margaret grew up in the small town of Nannup, WA. The most important thing Margaret found lacking in Nannup was the opportunity for people to hear the Word of God. This sparked Margaret, in 2018, to find a way to get Vision Radio installed in Nannup. Finding a host was the most challenging part, but her persistence paid off, and on the 11th of May, 2023, Nannup became Vision’s 800th radio station!

‘I must have driven people crazy, but Nannup is a small town, and it really needed to hear the Gospel. They didn’t have the opportunity there,’ said Margaret. ‘They didn’t have Vision Radio to help them grow to even know about God.’

Because of Margaret’s persistence, everyone in the community of Nannup can hear God’s Word broadcast through the airways.

Margaret has now moved to Eaton in WA, but she’s pleased that the town she grew up in and the friends she still has there have the opportunity to be exposed to the Gospel through Vision.

God had new plans for Margaret and her husband, who were asked to lead a Christian fellowship in the retirement village they have currently moved to.

‘This retirement village was one we were not even thinking of moving into. But we prayed for God to lead us and that wherever we went, we didn’t want to just sit around and vegetate. We still wanted to be of use,’ said Margaret. ‘So, as we were signing the paperwork, the lady at reception said, “Are you guys interested in taking over the Christian Fellowship?”’

God’s timing was perfect. Margaret and her husband were handed the baton from the retired pastor and his wife, who had started it 18 years ago and were now in their eighties and not feeling up to taking it on any further. Margaret said that Vision’s ministry plays a major part in helping them look to God daily.

‘I find listening to Vision Radio challenges, inspires, and encourages me. The teaching is really good. It’s just so relevant for today, and I’m able to share that with others who maybe don’t listen to Vision Radio. You can teach the Gospel, but there’s a lot more to learn,’ said Margaret.

Your donation to Vision could be that seed that will grow your own faith and help many others right across Australia grow in their faith. You may never know the impact of your donation until the day you go home to meet Jesus and meet all those souls you helped save.

You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.

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To listen to Margaret’s full interview, click the link below:

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