Pop Up Worship

Kristine Lee | vision.org.au
Friday, October 15th, 2021

You and I. We are all called to the Great Commission. But it can feel daunting to speak to a stranger. What if evangelism was as easy as just worshipping God?

It’s new, and it’s inspiring! It’s happening at parks and beaches all over the country! In this 20Twenty conversation, Nathan Fawcett, a Christian musician and recording artist joined Neil to share what it means to reach out to a lost and hurting world through ‘Pop Up Worship’.  

‘Pop-Up Worship’ is not a logo, and it’s not about ego. There’s no way for an artist to become famous through participation. There is no PA or stage for a performance. Simply put, it’s a group of believer gathering in a public location to worship God. But spiritually, it is so much more.

Pop-up worship is literally enthroning God over the area with praise and worship. It has the potential to reach hundreds and thousands of people with the message of the Gospel.

Sparks of Revival

Nathan believes that something happens when he’s out there, worshipping in front of people. “It’s not just a song,” he says. “It’s glorifying the Father in the field in front of people. There’s something significant about it that breaks fear off. It’s amazing.” Worshipping gives glory to God, and takes the focus off the individual. 

The way people open up to somebody who is worshipping out in the open, actually delivers them from fear. “It’s totally Holy Spirit led. If there’s a homeless person, we go and see how we can bless them. If there’s a business person, we just be the hands and feet of Jesus.” 

It’s so much bigger than just a ministry; it takes on the whole body of Christ. The public display of worship is reigniting that fire for Jesus again. People get so impacted by God and they develop a fearlessness and a boldness for sharing the gospel. This may just be the spark that starts revival. 

For You and Me

“We feel like if we’re going to empower the body of Christ to do this around the world then we don’t want excuses,” continues Nathan. “We don’t want the excuse of I just have to wait for a PA system or I need a guest speaker to come along. Talk to your friends and just go to the park together and worship. And then see what God does. It really is that easy.”

No stage or platform is required, just a servant heart. Whether you’re in the park, at the beach or on a street corner in your town, you can reach people for Jesus. Nathan says we can all release the call out and do this in our own neighborhoods. “Let’s try and do this globally so we can celebrate it and testify God’s goodness everywhere.” 

If you want to connect with Nathan and others who are going to be doing ‘Pop-Up Worship’ events in their town or their city, you’ll find the details at www.theharvest.org.au But he stresses that it’s not a movement tied to anyone but the whole body of Christ can own it.

To be inspired, listen to the rest of Neil’s chat with Nathan here.

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