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Prayers that Get Answered

by | Mon, Feb 19 2024

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Do you ever feel like your prayers aren’t being answered, no matter how hard or long you pray? When you’re asking God for something specific or looking for His guidance, it can be discouraging to feel like your prayers aren’t getting through.

Despite the feelings of discouragement, don’t let thoughts and feelings control your prayer life. Know that God hears your prayers every time you boldly go to Him and pray in His word. You should never worry about whether or not your words will reach God.

Prayer Depends on God’s Faithfulness

On this episode of Enjoying Everyday Life, Joyce Meyer teaches us that effective, life-changing, dynamic prayer is easier than we might think. It doesn’t depend on how eloquent we are, or the length of time we pray. It depends on God’s faithfulness.

Joyce believes that no prayer is too big or small for God. He wants you to pray continually, even if you don’t get an answer straight away. Believe with each prayer that you’re helping God’s plans move forward in your life. Don’t let your prayer life turn into a burden. Let it be an exciting time of growing closer to God.

According to God’s Will

‘Prayer depends on two main things,’ says Joyce. ‘Do I believe that God hears me? Do I believe he cares about me and wants to be involved in my life? And prayer must be sincere. In Scripture, the Bible says that when we pray, tremendous power is made available.’

The Bible says we receive the promises of God through faith and patience. A lot of times we have to wait. One thing that happens for many of us in the waiting is that doubt creeps in. But when that happens, we have to stand on the promises of God.

‘We need to pray according to God’s will,’ says Joyce. ‘I’ve got a relationship with God. I trust Him. I believe He trusts me. I don’t want anything He doesn’t want me to have.’

‘God’s glory is revealed through our answered prayers.’