Meeting the Spiritual Hunger in Regional Towns

Vision Editorial Team |
Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

Vision is making an incredible impact in rural country towns all around Australia. When it was first switched on in St George, one of the Pastors there wasn’t particularly happy about.

But that quickly changed when people started stopping him in the street and saying, “Hey, pastor, I want to talk to you about something I heard on the radio.”

Rob Mann says something really remarkable is happening. God is on the move in regional areas and people are hungry. One person said that they loved their Pastor and his ministry, but he’s not Jeff Vines or Greg Laurie! Vision is filling a great space out there.

They love The Word For Today, and people really appreciate some variety. The spiritual diet is sometimes limited to local Pastors, and we need them. But sometimes people just love something from outside.

They really love Vision, and it’s remarkable what is being achieved in the regions.

Rob has also seen some amazing things happening in the church in Munduberra. “They’ve seen a couple of people miraculously healed,” he says. “There is a real move that’s happening with people opening up and just letting God do what God does.

I think a lot of what’s going to happen in the country, in the nation, is going to happen in the regions because people are hungry.”

One of the prerequisites for revival is a hunger. We take so much for granted in the city, but they don’t in the country.  The people value what they’ve got and just look forward to hearing whatever God’s got for them. Vision has a much higher percentage of listeners in those towns.

One lady said to me, “One of the things I like about Vision is it’s clean.”


It’s really important that people value the fact that Vision is wholesome, and they can let their kids listen to it. One of the dreams for Visionathon is to switch on more stations in a lot of those small regional towns. Your donations help us to broadcast in even more places and help people keep looking to God daily.

God wants to connect with every Australian, no matter where they live. Let’s believe together that we will see revival in the hearts of all people.

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