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Religious Freedoms Under Threat

by | Wed, Mar 20 2024

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The Queensland Government’s proposed anti-discrimination laws have been labeled as the most stringent regulations for religious institutions across Australia. Consequently, Christian schools may encounter significant conflicts in the near future.

Schools want to preserve their autonomy in hiring staff who align with their ethos, particularly concerning matters of gender and sexuality. This concern is nothing new, as other states have already enacted legislation addressing similar issues.

Andrew McColl, Queensland’s State Director for Family Voice Australia, believes that anti-discrimination laws of this nature have consistently posed challenges for believers. However, resolving these issues becomes even more complicated when confronting the passionate debate between conflicting worldviews.

On this episode of 20Twenty, Andrew joined us to discuss the issue of Christian parents retaining their right to provide their children with a Christian education, where the Bible remains an integral part of their learning journey.

Listen to Andrew’s full interview below: