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Entertaining the Kids During Lockdown….

by | Tue, Apr 28 2020

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Colin Buchanan

Colin Buchanan joined Robbo and Becci on Rise and Shine this week, not only to sing for us but also to share some of his tips on keeping ourselves and our kids sane during this season of lockdown.

We are all looking for new and innovative ways to occupy ourselves at the moment, and children’s entertainer Colin Buchanan is no different! Like many of us, due to the COVID-19 restrictions, Colin is unable to work.  But he hasn’t let that stop him from entertaining kids across Australia.

“When the work dried up, I really started to ask myself what was going to happen”, Colin says. “I had to find some new ways to keep myself sane”.

One thing Colin has discovered is the joy of bike riding. “I live near a national park in Sydney, so I am fortunate to be able to get outdoors and exercise.”

Colin says that he realised during this season, he had to find new ways of hitting the “emotional reset” button, and for him exercise was a big part of that. “A season like this pushes you into a new space”.

Colin continues, “Our whole rhythm of life has been upset by this virus. I’m not very organised in my workspace at home, and that can be difficult when instead of going out, everything is coming to you! I try to keep it as creative as possible.”

“Most of us had never heard of Zoom before this, and I wonder if when it’s all over, we’ll be just be done with it because we’re craving face to face contact so much!” he jokes.

Colin has recently started using Facebook Live to connect with kids and their families. He believes it’s so important to provide a bit of normality and help take the pressure of parents by offering a change of atmosphere in the home.

One of his most popular songs at the moment is “The Lord is King”, which is based around Psalm 2. Colin says it’s a timely reminder that God is in control.  “This crisis affects us on both a global and miniscule scale. You can look at a world map and see where the outbreaks are, and people are suffering.  And then you can go to the local supermarket where you can’t even buy toilet paper.”

“But God is bigger than that.  He is as big as eternity, and He wants us to cast our cares on Him.”

Colin says that entertaining kids through the word of God helps bring insight into their lives. It also provides comfort, and a break in the daily routine of being at home.  Parents are loving it too!

“Both music and radio are a constant voice in our lives.  They help bring consistency for all of us. They can also provide the emotional reset that we all need right now.”

Listen below to hear the full interview, and Colin singing “The Lord is King”.

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