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by | Thu, Sep 9 2021

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The mental health crisis. We’ve all been told by the news that this is a bigger pandemic than COVID-19. And it can be closer than you think. That colleague, or neighbour, or neighbourhood grocer may just need that support. And it can be just as simply as starting a conversation.

The R U OK movement was started to empower you and I to do so. Founded in 2009, R U OK encourages people to have a conversation, support one another.

Robbo and Becci of Vision Radio’s Rise and Shine program caught up with Justin Geange, Ambassdor for R U OK. Justin shares four simple steps:
1. Start to notice if someone or yourself are struggling.
Someone may be doing things or speaking differently than what they normally would.
If you are doing it tough, reach out for help. It is OK not to be OK.

2. Ask R U OK or R U really OK?

3. Listen.
Listen without judgement. Listen to understand, not to respond.

4. Encourage action.
Recommend a resource eg. a counsellor.
Check-in after to see how that person is doing.

Our commission as Christians is to love our neighbour, and part of that is reaching out to them. Justin further adds that when we take our eyes off our own stuff, that may take the sting out of our eyes too.

So, check in on someone tonight or this weekend!

Listen to Justin’s chat with Robbo and Becci, and to hear him sing with his ukelele.

For more tools on how to start and navigate the conversation, click here.

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