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Seven Peace Robbers and One Key to Peace

by | Wed, Sep 29 2021

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Peace. A much sought after quality in our world today. Jesus left peace with us that is not of what the world gives. (John 14:27) But easier said. Stress can affect everyone, even the most grounded Christian. How then can we get that elusive peace?

In this episode of ‘In Touch’, Dr Charles Stanley talks to us about why we lose our peace, and what we can do to get it back. 

The deception of the world is that we see people on television, or read about them in magazines and assume their lives are great. But how can we judge? Christians should judge by principles. There are certain principles that are absolutely true. The eternal, unchangeable principle of the living God is one. 

Charles believes that most people don’t want to hear about absolutes because they want to massage the laws of God.  When God says thou shalt not, that’s His voice, His law and His principle. You can’t misinterpret thou shalt not kill or thou shalt not steal. You can’t change the law of God.  

Peace Robbers

Sinful Thoughts
“Let’s begin with sinful thoughts,” says Charles. “If those thoughts are of lust whether it’s for money, power, prestige, position or sex; lust and peace cannot inhabit the same heart. Lust is desire that’s out of control. We could also put in that category anger, bitterness, resentment, hostility, hatred and fear. You can’t hold resentment in your heart and be at peace with God.”

You cannot deliberately and willfully live in sin and disobey the law of God, and have peace in your heart.

Negative Thinking
Negative thinking will also steal your peace. Most people never get over the scars that negative people have projected on to them. God wants to give us inspiration and motivation. He doesn’t want us to wreck our lives and spend eternity separated from Him.  

Unrealistic Thinking
“What about the category of unrealistic thinking?”, continues Charles. “When a person sets goals for their life that they have to strive and manipulate in order to accomplish, it’s not the will of God. You’re not going to have any peace because God does not operate that way.

Peace is a gift that flows out of us when we are thinking the right way.”

Rebellious Thinking
We can also fall into the trap of rebellious thinking. Rebellious thinking says, I know what the law says, but here’s what I’m going to do. God doesn’t give commands for our contemplation. He gives us commands for our obedience. Service to God that does not come out of our heart of submission to His will is not going to bring any peace or contentment.

Obsessive Thinking
We will also never have peace if our thinking becomes obsessive. Thoughts that harass, dominate and control us will never bring peace. “It overshadows all our other thinking,” says Charles. “The only thing we can have an obsession about and have peace about is Jesus. If we’re obsessed with loving Him and obeying Him, we’re going to have absolute peace. Because we’re going to be walking in obedience to His will doing what He wants us to do.”

Enslaved Thinking
Enslaved thinking can also derail our peace. Enslaved thinking is giving ourselves over to something that absolutely controls and dominates us. It consumes us to the point that even when we don’t like it, we’ve still got to have it. An alcoholic is an enslaved thinker. A drug addict is an enslaved thinker. 
 “There is absolutely no peace whatsoever with this type of thinking,” says Charles.

Key to Peace

“The only way to have peace in your life is to accept the Lord Jesus Christ as your personal savior, by confessing and repenting of your sins.

When He died and shed His blood for you it was a payment for your sins. He satisfied the law of God and with that sacrifice your sins were forgiven. When you come to Him and ask Him, you have peace. The war’s over now, and can you have the peace of God daily in your life.” 

“It’s a choice to experience that peace. It’s a choice to keep that peace. And it’s yours for the asking. It’s the turning over to God the key to your will.” 

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