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Sharing is Caring

by | Fri, Dec 17 2021

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Author: Anish Philip (Broadcast Technician)

When we talk about caring by sharing, we often think about sharing what we have — belongings, time, joy. But what about sharing the Gospel? Do you consider that an act of care?

Christmas brings a plethora of gifts, sweets, gatherings, moments of nostalgia, moments of love. They are all amazing blessings and I treasure them. But for me, the biggest blessing for Christmas is to be able to share the Gospel, because this would be otherwise unlawful at other times back in some areas of India where I am originally from.

Consider this — all other things we share can only give a momentary joy, but eternal joy is found only in a relationship with Jesus. The real Christmas dawns when Jesus is born into the heart of a welcoming soul.

Caring for the underprivileged over Christmas

I used to dress up like a Santa, complete with gifts when sharing about Jesus to the underprivileged slum dwellers, orphans, prisoners, or the sick in hospitals. (I am not popularising Santa. But the widely recognised persona helps me attract attention, helping me to then point people to Jesus.) Only at Christmas were we allotted such religious freedom. I have seen people shedding tears of joy rather than just putting up an ephemeral smile while receiving the gifts. I have seen them accepting Jesus with an open heart and mind. Drugs are thrown away. Entire families are surrendered to God.

Those are the best Christmases I have had. And the freedom for this to happen does not come lightly.

Jesus, in coming to earth and taking on our sins paid the price for our freedom dearly. Let us not take this unmerited favour lightly. What better time to let Christ be birthed in the hearts of those who do not know Him than the occasion that celebrates His birth? What better way to care than to share the fortune and freedom of being sons of God by sharing the Gospel?

Reflect & Respond:

  • How do you usually show your care and what do you usually share? Have you shared the Gospel? Are there any hindrances preventing you from sharing and caring? Will you ask the Holy Spirit to help you overcome those hindrances?
  • What are your best Christmases like? How can you incorporate sharing Jesus into your Christmas?
  • If you would like prayer or direct someone to find out more about Jesus, check out this page on Vision Christian Media’s website.

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