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Sharing Your Story: The Rewards of Writing at Any Age

by | Sat, Sep 30 2023

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Writing a book is a rewarding endeavour at any age. For those who have lived a full life, it can be a chance to share their unique insights with the world. Self-publishing platforms and online resources make it easier than ever for anyone to pursue their passion for writing, and bring their stories and ideas to life.

Recently on 20Twenty, we were joined by Jane Saxby – a bestselling author, teacher, and leader of the Sydney Omega Network Group. Jane is also a member of the National Omega Writers Group, where she supports and encourages fellow Christian writers.

Gifted by God

Jane believes there is a big difference between Christian and secular writers, mainly because Christians have been gifted by God for what they are doing. ‘We are writing something that we think is very important,’ says Jane. ‘A lot of us are writing secular work as well. It’s not all Christian, but it tends to come through somewhere in our writing because it’s so important to us.’

Christian writers often carry a bigger responsibility when creating content. They need prayer and support in following what God is calling them to write. ‘We’re all gifted in a certain way, and we need to be sure that we are following the path He’s set for us,’ says Jane.

As a tool for overcoming writer’s block, many Christian writers turn to daily devotionals. Jane has found that these devotionals can contain profoundly inspirational thoughts that trigger new ideas and spark creativity.

The Word For Today

‘For years I’ve been reading The Word for Today,’ says Jane. ‘I just find it so helpful. When I come across a favourite one, I’ll take notes and I’ll save it. I keep it for times when I need it.’

Janes’s daughter also enjoys reading TWFT, and it was particularly important for her when she was going through a difficult relationship. ‘She would read it every day, and if something was coming up on the weekend that she wasn’t sure about, she’d read ahead and check to see if she should do that thing or not. And she said it worked, which is quite remarkable for a young girl.’

‘It’s like mining for Biblical wisdom and taking advantage of someone who has walked that pathway before.’

Listen to Jane’s full interview on 20Twenty below: