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Should Christians Celebrate Valentines Day?

by | Mon, Feb 13 2023

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The History of Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, celebrated on February 14th every year, is believed to have originated in the mid-14th century. According to some accounts, the holiday was created by Pope Gelasius I to replace a pagan celebration related to love. During this era, it was customary for young men and women to hand out handwritten notes containing expressions of love and affection.

By the 18th century, the custom had become much more commercialised with people buying cards, flowers, and chocolate as symbols of their admiration. Over time, Valentine’s Day became increasingly popular in many parts of the world, with festivities ranging from small family dinners to extravagant gestures.

Honouring God on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day does not have to be about romance and over-the-top gestures. For believers in Jesus Christ, it can also be an opportunity to honour God with the time and resources we have been given. Christians might find ways to express their love for Jesus by joining a local volunteer program, praying regularly throughout the day, or reading scriptures related to love and kindness.

Christians can also use the day as an opportunity to share the gospel with their friends or family who may not yet know Christ. Ultimately, Valentine’s Day can be a reminder that no matter what our relationship status is – single, married or otherwise – we are loved and cherished unconditionally by our Creator.

Celebrating Romantic Love

The primary argument against celebrating Valentine’s Day is that it does not honour God but rather celebrates romantic love instead. Some believe that romantic love should be saved for marriage and should not be celebrated outside of that context. Additionally, some argue that much of how we traditionally celebrate Valentine’s Day – through gifts, cards and wanting attention from others – is against what God wants us to do.

Whether or not you choose to celebrate Valentine’s Day comes down to your own personal convictions guided by Scripture. If you struggle with feeling guilty about enjoying activities associated with Valentines Day, perhaps pray about it first before making a decision about how you want to approach February 14th this year.