Small Businesses Navigating Rocky Times

Kristine Lee |
Tuesday, October 26th, 2021

Small businesses have been navigating some tough times. Unfortunately, COVID has led to the demise of many of them. Tourism operators have been hard hit without international tourists. And border closures within the country have stifled the domestic market.  

While some states suffer, others have been rebounding. They’ve seen healthy momentum in their economies. As vaccines are rolled out and lockdowns end, business analysts have been predicting that things will improve.  

But where is God in the hardships of small business? How are people dealing with all of this uncertainty? Does faith in God help you navigate through the tough times? Wez Hone is the founder of ‘Kingdom Business Summits’ and teaches Christian entrepreneurs how Biblical principles apply to the marketplace. Wez joined this 20Twenty conversation to share his insights on running a profitable business that has a positive influence.   

After talking to about 200 Christians in business since the pandemic started, Wez has seen the evidence of an amazing God who looks after His children. People have seen provision come out of nowhere. The business sector a company operates in is a factor, but it doesn’t decide how things will play out.  

It’s definitely not all doom and gloom when God’s in the picture. Maybe for a season you have to seek other employment. But God always provides. When one door closes, He opens another. And we know that the door that He opens is good for us. When your identity is tied to God, and not to the business or work, and when everything we do is a worship unto God, it’s easily to switch from this to that. It’s easy to keep the wheels moving.

“There’s a distinction,” says Wez. “It comes down to whether somebody has the zeal to pay any price to keep going. Some people had a tourism business and then just decided to stack shelves at Coles because they needed to keep the wheels moving. I find those stories inspiring.” 

Some sectors though were hit harder than others. Retail has taken a massive hit, but it hasn’t been as bad in the corporate world. But if businesses are hungry enough, they will make it work. They’ll find alternatives, because when you go into business, it’s for life. If there are 18 months that are ridiculously hard, companies must keep the wheels moving so that when it passes, they can come back with zeal.

“Pivoting and adapting is not a new message to the marketplace,” continues Wez.  “You’ve got to always be listening to your customer and change your product offering in the marketplace. If the market acted like the church has over the last 50 years, it would be all over. It’s been wonderful to see institutional courage to realize the need to adapt and evolve. Obviously the message doesn’t change, but the way that we deliver it does.” 

We make our decisions for every small business. And whilst there is real pressure to confirm because small businesses feel the impact of whatever is happening around greatly, Wez believes he needs to be led by God. Wez says that while he disagrees with some of his closest friends, these issues shouldn’t separate us completely. We are only accountable for our own lives, and if we get it wrong, so be it. Wez would rather be led by conviction than hearsay or peer pressure. 

“If we go back as far as Biblical times, people like Nebuchadnezzar and Nimrod all pushed their own version of total control. It’s not new.  I take great confidence from the fact that this has been tried hundreds and hundreds of times in humanity.” 

“It has never worked because they are actually fighting against God. And that is always a bad idea,” says Wez.  

Reflect + Respond

  • How have you seen God at work in your business, even in the challenging times?
  • How has God provided for you to keep the wheels moving?
  • How can you be led by conviction from God rather than by external pressures?

To listen to the rest of Wez’s advice on navigating the rocky times in business, click here below.

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