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Softening Hearts Towards God

by | Fri, May 27 2022

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Liz Howland travels to remote areas of the nation to bring The Word for Today to isolated communities, covering around 12,000 kilometres every year. She has a huge heart for people and a strong faith in God.

Liz hears so many stories of how The Word For Today is impacting people and says they all bless her heart. People don’t just wake up and think ‘I should get myself a copy of The Word For Today, or I should get closer to God.’ But when they get it given to them, they start reading.

“There’s an outback country town that was in severe drought in 2016,” says Liz. “And the Lord impressed upon my heart to send gift cards to the people worst affected in that district. I’m very blessed I’ve always got people that have an ear to the ground and tell me where the needs are.”

“So we sent out gift cards to these areas, and I always follow it up with The Word For Today. At times people have questioned me about it costing a lot of money. But when I hear from God, I know that it’s bearing fruit. I take it on board.”

“I felt to speak to my friend who’s a chaplain out there,” says Liz. “I asked him if I read out the names of these 32 people that we’d sown gift cards into, and who were now receiving The Word For Today, could he tell me if their hearts were soft towards God?”

According to Liz, her friend went very quiet. Then as she read out the names, he told her that every single one of them had a soft heart towards God. That answered her question about the effectiveness of The Word for Today reaching people in remote areas of our nation.

“It was touching people who didn’t even know they needed a word from God,” Liz says. “That’s what excites me most. They would never seek it out for themselves, but it arrives at their home and at some point, they pick it up and read it”.

“I just want people to know that their donations are making this possible. My prayer is for hearts to be soft and that receiving The Word for Today will strike a chord and meet people right where they’re at.”

What an amazing story! We just love supporting people like Liz, who inspires us every day with her heart for people and God. The best thing is, you too can be a part of sharing God’s love to the four corners of our nation!

You can respond now on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.