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St Patrick’s Day: A Celebration of Christian Origins

by | Wed, Mar 15 2023

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St Patrick’s Day is a beloved holiday celebrated around the world on March 17th, but what exactly is its history and Christian origins?

The feast day of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland, has been observed since the late fourth century. It is believed that St. Patrick was born in Britain and began his studies at an early age, later becoming a priest. According to historical accounts, he travelled to Ireland as a missionary to spread Christianity in around 432 AD. During this time he created monasteries, converted pagan kings and began building up the Catholic Church in Ireland.

The traditional celebration of St Patrick’s Day started off as a religious feast day to celebrate his death on March 17th 461AD. The first parade was held in Boston in 1737 and it wasn’t until 1762 when Irish soldiers serving in the British Army marched through New York City that the parade became an annual tradition. This event not only spread across America but eventually made its way to other countries throughout Europe as well as Australia and Canada.

Representation of Christian Heritage

Today, St Patrick’s Day is celebrated with parades in green clothing, feasts and parties. While some people consider it their national holiday others celebrate it for its strong ties with Irish culture and for its diverse representation of Christian heritage originating from St Patrick’s mission centuries ago. It has become an important day for so many cultures around the world who come together every year without fail to enjoy this special occasion no matter how different they may be.

So this St Patrick’s Day make sure you get your hands on some green attire and don’t forget why we are celebrating –the Christian origin of the beloved Saint!