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Sunday Morning Together with Dr Graham McLennan

by | Mon, Feb 5 2024

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Dr Graham McLennan serves as a tutor at Charles Sturt University’s Dental School, guiding dental student teams on missions to Cambodia. He is also the visionary behind National Christian Heritage Sunday and the founder of the National Alliance of Christian Leaders (NACL), established in 1985.

Additionally, Graham started the Christian History Research website, dedicated to exploring the rich history of our Christian ancestors, their faith, and their significant contributions to the Kingdom of God.

Recently, Graham shared a special 5-minute sermon with us during Sunday Morning Together, highlighting the importance of praying and witnessing to others our salvation in Christ. Read Graham’s inspiring message below:

‘I’ll start by commencing with a great Christian philosopher, Doctor Francis Schaeffer. I’ve been really impressed with some of his books, in particular Escape From Reason, which is a small book that talks about how our thinking has changed.

In A Christian Manifesto, Francis Schaefer stated that America, like Australia was greatly influenced by reformation ideals. This is not to say that all the founders were Christian, nor that the Christians were totally consistent in their political theories.

However, there was a Christian underpinning that distinguished their birth from the French and Russian revolutions, and even the non-Christians recognised our Creator. He gave the unalienable rights in contrast to man or state, being the giver of those rights in our own Constitution, in the preamble stating humbly that we rely on the blessing of Almighty God.

Francis Schaefer wrote this 40 years ago. We are a nation under man, centred around man’s self-appointed autonomy, governed by man’s fluctuating opinions, and chiefly existing it seems to give man’s personal peace and affluence.

In other words, we try to just seek our own peace in our own little properties or farms or wherever we are within our homes. The Judeo-Christian ethos based on God’s ideal has been supplanted by a secularist philosophy.

An example of these attempts to remove prayers is the Lord’s Prayer at the beginning of parliamentary sittings, and this certainly is the case in Victoria’s Parliament. This worldview is spreading rapidly, and our parliaments and legal system is a prominent perpetrator of it.

We need to expect certain things. The secularist, humanistic thinking has merely carried the philosophy to its logical end. They have remained true to their worldview in both words and actions. While unfortunately Christians have equivocated and they simply have not taken the Lordship of Christ seriously.

But Christians are paying for their negligence. We’ve admitted the dominance of a philosophy that sanctions the killing of an unborn child for the mother’s convenience. A philosophy that deems it acceptable for parents to allow a less-than-perfect newborn child to die, again because it’s convenient.

A philosophy that can talk of the euthanasia of the aged and a general devaluation of all human life. A philosophy that has embraced a wrong and self-destructive sexuality in alternative lifestyles. A philosophy that also drives its proponents to unashamedly seek the banishment of all religious influences from the stream of public life, leaving a total relativistic value system.

This secularist worldview has engulfed every area of society that Christians have chosen to ignore, such as in government, law, education, corporate cronyism and the media. We’ve seen corporate cronyism in Bunnings, in Qantas and the four banks, and its now threatening the area which Christians naively took for granted.

We need to really repent and ask God to forgive us and seek His will, and that His Kingdom will come on earth as we say in the Lord’s Prayer. It’s not too late to change this destructive situation, but it’s too late for mere words.

It is time for Christians to fight the materialistic tide and provide Christian alternatives. And we have done that. We’ve done it with schools, but perhaps not with university training, with secularism at its peak.

In the media, we thank you Lord, for Vision Christian Media and other outlets. We must continue to pray and witness to people our salvation in Christ. But we must also fight for the sanctity of human life, for the protection of the family, for the proper education of our children, for the right to speak and worship freely.

We fight for a church that is bound to the tenants of God and not the state as though it were an autonomous authority. We must use the law effectively in the coming years if we are to see any positive change.

Our system of secular legislation and media education has veered so far from its original mooring that it is going to take aggressive challenges in the courts to thwart the destructive trends. We cannot afford to sit back and allow humanism to increasingly roll over us.

So Lord, we thank you, Father, for our time together today. Richard Johnson said that there are many benefits in Psalm 116, verse 12. But, Lord, we pray that those benefits of freedom and liberty will continue in the land. In Jesus name we pray. Amen.’

Listen to Graham’s full message below: