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by | Fri, Nov 18 2022

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Joseph from Ingham has been a strong supporter of Vision in North Queensland for a long time. He has even gone door to door to spread the word and help others get their radios set up. Joseph has often been surprised at how many non-believers are also tuning in.

Joseph’s wife was one such person, who was saved miraculously after listening to Christian radio. After being filled with the Holy Spirit, she wanted to help do something to promote Vision. ‘We printed our own t-shirts,’ says Joseph, ‘and we told everyone to listen to the good news of Vision.’

They also went door knocking to promote Vision and gave away copies of The Word For Today. ‘In the little survey that we did around the town, we were surprised how many non-Christians were actually listening.’

For Joseph and his wife, supporting Vision is something that is very close to their hearts. ‘I support you strongly,’ says Joseph. ‘There is a scripture in Matthew 7 that says where your treasure is, that is where your heart is. And my heart is for the Kingdom of God.’

‘Ever since Vision Radio came on we’ve supported it,’ says Joseph. ‘And we always make sure we give to the Kingdom of God.’

If you want to be like Joseph and tell even more people about Vision, you can make your donation today!

You can respond right now with your donation on the phone at 1800 316 316, at or in the Free Vision Christian Media app. You’ll be helping people look to God daily as we believe and work together.