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Tasmania’s Faith Communities Shine

by | Fri, Mar 22 2024

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Christians understand the call to love our neighbours as ourselves, and throughout Australia, many of our local churches are doing just that. However, the challenge lies in recording the positive impact of faith while also identifying the gaps.

A statewide Impact Audit recently conducted in Tasmania is the first of its kind in Australia, and sheds light on the collective efforts of churches and faith-based agencies in supporting those in need.

The audit was conducted by NAYBA Australia and focuses on measuring the hours dedicated to community service, showcasing the tangible impact made by both paid staff and volunteers.

According to Nic Mackay, the National Director of NAYBA Australia, Tasmania’s churches have contributed over $70 million in social impact value over the past year alone.

Nearly four out of ten Tasmanians have benefited from the love and service provided by these dedicated faith groups, marking a significant milestone in the community’s social welfare.

Nic recently joined us on 20Twenty to discuss some of the critical issues being addressed, such as mental health, social isolation, and financial insecurity.

Listen to Nic’s full interview below: