Hearing God’s Word Saved Michael’s Life

by | Tue, May 28 2019

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Michael's testimony

There are times in life when we hit rock bottom, and the only thing that can pull us out of the deepest and darkest holes is the Word of God.  It is only the true hope of Jesus that can fully transform a life for all eternity.

In the past, many have given to Vision and that has enabled the radio, The Word for Today, even the app to be freely available to people right when they need to hear God’s Word the most.   Vision is a tool God is using to reach people with His Word right across Australia.

Michael was on the brink of death and shared about how this message of hope literally saved his life.  He was in hospital to receive life saving surgery, but he wasn’t sure if he even wanted to live.

“I was [in my hospital bed] listening to Vision on my phone via the app.  There was times there I just didn’t want to…. I didn’t want to live.” Michael said as he broke down in tears.

Listening to Vision gave me the encouragement and the strength in my faith.  I thank Vision.

“When you’re fighting for your life and you just ask God, ‘Please help me’ and He does.  And I just want to give back what God gave to me.  Thank you so much Vision.”

Michael asked God to either take his life while he was in hospital, or give him a purpose for continuing to live life.

“I’m waiting, and I’m listening very carefully,” Michael recounts.  “Trying to hear what He wants to say to me and what it is that He wants me to do.”

God used Vision to give Michael the hope and encouragement to go on.

“I never start my day without spending time with my God.  It’s my life.  I just want everybody, when I get to the Kingdom I want to see everyone there.  I don’t want anyone to lose out.  So please help, please help these people stay on the air.”

How many other Michaels are there out there currently or will go through the darkest of times?  The donation you make today to Visionathon will go directly to ensuring God’s Word can reach them with hope and encouragement.

Click here to donate to Visionathon, or phone our friendly team in the tally room on 1800 316 316.

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