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ISIS Leader Gives Life to Jesus

by | Mon, Jun 3 2019

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The video above is a real-life account drawn from actual interviews, Leading The Way follow-up team member Peter and former ISIS leader Muhammad share the incredible circumstances that led to Muhammad’s conversion from Islam to Christ.

Peter shares that he received a call from Muhammad wanting to speak with him in person.   Normally the ‘Leading The Way’ team would say this wasn’t a good idea due to the potential danger of the situation and not knowing what the ISIS leader’s intentions were.   However, Peter felt the Lord saying, ‘Go meet this guy’.

Muhammad turned out to be what is called a ‘Prince of ISIS’, which is someone who other ISIS members swear allegiances to that they are willing to die for.

“The Prince was a religious person in ISIS and they considered him like a leader who teaches the Quran,” Peter recounted.  “He taught people how to memorise the Quran and urged them toward jihad.”

Muhammad teaching the quran

Muhammad was raised as a Muslim to hate those that didn’t hold the same beliefs, but when someone asked him why he was a Muslim, he had no answer.

“I began to search in the Quran.  I wanted to find proof and evidence that Allah exists and Islam is right.  I found nothing.”

This is why Muhammad reached out to Peter.  He had heard that Peter evangelised to Muslims.   When Peter received the call he feared that Muhammad might try to kill him.  But Peter says that he had a peace inside, that the Lord would protect him as He had a reason behind this encounter.

Peter felt the Lord say in that moment, not knowing that Muhammad was actually seeking out the truth, ‘Be bold with him’.

“Our God is not yours,” Peter said directly to Muhammad.   At first Muhammad felt Peter was being arrogant and immediately felt anger rise within.  Forgetting why he initially sought out Peter, he started to plot how to kill him.

However, instead of reaching for his knife, emotion overcame Muhammad instead and he started to cry.  “What made me cry?  I don’t know,” recounted Muhammad.

Continuing to be bold, Peter put his hand on Muhammad’s shoulder and started to pray.  Unsure of what was happening, Muhammad got up and left.

God then spoke to Muhammad in a dream.   “I had a dream.  Peter came to me and gave me a white envelope dripping with blood.  The blood had a good fragrance like musk or perfume.  When I saw the blood I was scared.   Peter said to me, “Don’t be afraid”.  Then I woke up.

When Muhammad shared his dream with Peter, Peter told him what the dream meant.  Without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins.

Praying with ISIS leader

Muhammad then asked Peter, “What should I do to ask for forgiveness?”   Peter replied, “The Lord gave it to you for free.  You just need to accept it.”  With the openness of Muhammad’s heart, Peter began to disciple him.

Muhammad confessed to Peter that he had intended to kill him the first time they met, and with tears streaming down his face, he apologised.

In that moment, Muhammad fell on his knees, repented of his sins and gave his life to Jesus.

“I began to visit with Peter regularly,” Muhammad shared.  “I saw love that didn’t exist in Islam.”

Muhammad started walking with the Lord.  He shaved his beard and asked to be baptised.  “Once I got out of the water I felt a victory and joy that I could not describe.”

It didn’t stop there, Muhammad is now conducting a regular Bible study for three Syrian people in his area.

“The true book in my opinion is the Bible,” Muhammad announces.  “I found the truth in Jesus Christ and because I have surrendered my life to the Lord, I am certain He will never forsake me.”

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