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The Amazing Power of Prayer

by | Thu, Nov 17 2022

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Professing your Christian faith in a secular workplace can be hard. Christians are under a little bit more persecution these days. Tanya from Brisbane had her faith strengthened and her confidence boosted after discovering Vision. Tanya shared the amazing power of prayer that saved her secular workplace during an economic downturn.

‘When I discovered Vision, it was like, wow, all these people believe in God, and they’re so confident. That gave me a lot of confidence in my daily life. Going to work in the secular world can be a bit hard sometimes, and you can feel a bit lonely in your faith. But to step into the office in the morning after you’ve heard such confidence and upbeat conversations about God gives you such a boost to walk into the office and say, ‘Hey, I’m a child of God, and I’m here to enjoy this day and shine my light. So that’s really been helpful to me,’ said Tanya.

Tanya had no idea how important this boost of confidence was going to be and the miracle God was about to perform through her faithful service.

‘I started prayer at work with a few other Christians after the Lord spoke to me in a sermon. At that stage, our company was going through a bit of a downturn, and people were losing their jobs. I said, ‘Lord, I don’t really have the ability to find new clients, but I know You. So, how do I help my company?’ And then, I thought about coming together with the few other Christians in the office and praying for the success of our company. Not for the glory of it but for the people that work there to keep their jobs. And the Lord just came through. He’s such a good God. At the time we started praying we had about 30 people in our office, and today we have over 100 people and have offices in Sydney, Perth, Melbourne and even in New Zealand now. So God is just amazing,’ said Tanya. ‘It’s been a miracle from God.’

We are so grateful to Tanya for donating during Visionathon and becoming a spiritual shareholder in God’s Kingdom.

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