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The Bible, My Story – Dr Kameel Majdali

by | Wed, Nov 2 2022

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Bible illiteracy is a huge problem in Australia. Many Christians are not accessing the Bible in a way that brings transformational change. It is more than simply a matter of intellectual curiosity. Studying the Bible is the path to enlightenment that brings a deeper spirituality.

On this episode of Faith and the Future, Dr Kameel Majdali from Teach All Nations shares his own personal experience of how learning to follow the principles in the Bible changed not only his life, but the lives of many others.

The Bible Brings Transformation

Kameel did not come from a church family and had no background in Christianity until his mother decided to go to church when he was 15. He knew nothing of the Bible, but even then he was hungry to learn and to know who God was.

‘Those teenage years should be a carefree, happy time of your life,’ says Kameel. ‘But for many, it’s just riddled with crisis. So, I needed God. I was going to my mother’s church and that was okay, but I needed more. And I discovered a Gideon’s Bible King James Version, on the family bookshelf at the age of 15. I took that Bible off the shelf, and I read it again and again.’

Kameel came to faith about a year and a half later and says it changed his whole life. It was reading the Bible that made that possible, because faith only comes through experiencing the Word of God. Never did Kameel dream that his new passion would eventually become his profession, and that he’d be a Bible teacher travelling the world.

‘If people are going to overcome their biblical illiteracy,’ says Kameel, ‘they need to return to a classic evangelical attitude. That’s what Billy Graham immortalised. God’s word doesn’t change. God himself doesn’t change. It’s only our attitudes that have changed and we need to correct that.’

Wisdom and Perseverance

The Bible can and should be transformational for anybody who reads it because it’s God’s word. Apart from leading us to salvation, there’s another benefit. Reading the Bible improves our overall literacy and helps us turn away from habits that are not life-giving.

‘I both simultaneously turned off the television and started reading the Bible,’ says Kameel. ‘Do you know what happened within a matter of two or three months? My very average school grades skyrocketed to high distinctions. And they stayed that way. I went from being the struggling student to being in the top ten of my high school.’

Kameel then went on to get a university scholarship, took an advanced placement and completed his doctorate. He believes that without a doubt, the Bible gave him the wisdom and perseverance he needed to complete his studies.

‘It was the Bible that made all the difference.’

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