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The Cost Of Celebrating Easter

by | Wed, Mar 15 2023

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By Emily Watt

Have you ever considered that persecution might drive the gospel forward? How persecution, rather than stamping out the Church, can strengthen it?

Persecution in the book of Acts didn’t discourage the early Church. Instead, it led believers to scatter across all corners of the world, sharing the gospel as they went – just as Jesus instructed.

This history of persecution in the Middle East led to a worldwide movement, with persecuted believers teaching of Jesus’ love and strengthening the Church as they went. It’s a movement that’s still in motion today – and, just like the early Church, is driven by persecution.

As we have seen, there’s no time more dangerous for Christians than Easter, as gathering to celebrate makes them vulnerable to violent attacks. Yet, as Easter reminds us, times of great suffering are not the end for Christians. In the face of chaos, destruction, and even death, life with Christ brings a new hope and a new life. With persecution often comes a new revival.

These are the stories of just some of our persecuted brothers and sisters as they wrestle with persecution at Easter.

Will you stand with other persecuted Christians?

Visit to join the global Church and stand with those who share our faith but not our freedom.

One with Them Day - 13 April 2022

This Easter many of our Christian brothers and Sisters face dire consequences simply for declaring their faith in Jesus and are crying out for God’s help.

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