The Dangers of Cancel Culture – Dr Kameel Majdali

by | Thu, Feb 24 2022

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Cancel Culture
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Is cancel culture eroding our freedoms? Dr Kameel Majdali from ‘Understand the Times’ believes it is. There is something wrong in a society that tells everyone to be offended by everything. That tells people to be ashamed of their whiteness. That tells them they would somehow be less offensive if they were ‘less white’.  

Dr. Martin Luther King, Junior is an American hero and icon. His birthday is a national holiday, but his legacy is under threat. Dr. King famously said, “I have a dream of a colourblind society.” But cultural Marxists want us to be more colour conscious than ever before.  

Cultural Marxism wants historic revisionism, with the end goal being that we hate our history.  

But cancel culture is attracting some pushback. Comedian John Cleese has a program in the UK called ‘Cancel Me.’ He interviews people who have been cancelled, pointing out the absurdity as well as naming and shaming those who practice cancelling others.  

“What we’re looking at on the left with cultural Marxists is atheism, authoritarianism, big government and welfare state, sexual immorality and anarchy, radical feminism, ever victimhood, handouts, wokeism, and more socialism/communism,” says Kameel.  “That’s their idea of a reset.”  

In the year 2020, some very iconic things were cancelled, allegedly because of racism. The Washington Redskins Football Team was cancelled, Aunt Jemima pancake syrup is gone. Uncle Ben and his rice with the black man on the cover is gone too. Mr. Potato Head and Dr Suess were also cancelled.  

What’s interesting though, is that cancel culture isn’t just against those on the right. 

Of course, we had to say goodbye to Donald Trump’s tweets in 2020. But even those on the left get cancelled. Look at Germaine Greer and J.K. Rowlings. Germaine Greer thinks that trans women are actually still men and J.K. Rowlings, of Harry Potter fame, believes that gender is important.  

The left uses semantics, the branch of linguistics that focuses on the meaning of words. They’ve taken normal words and they’ve changed the meaning and then enforced that meaning. And it has done an amazing job of giving them an edge in this culture war.  

Words like reproductive rights and health, undocumented workers, white rage, social justice, white privilege, critical race theory and marriage equality. The phrase Black Lives Matter is very catchy and very effective. But it doesn’t necessarily tell the whole story.  

It is time to reclaim the language. 

Oprah Winfrey, one of the most influential women on the planet, tells us repeatedly that whiteness gives us an edge. “This is a remarkable statement coming from somebody who lives in a mansion worth 2.4 billion dollars,” says Kameel. “And somehow a white man living in his trailer with his family, eating tuna casserole night after night, has more privilege than one of the wealthiest people on earth.” 

It is time to reclaim the language. It is time to define our terms on our terms. It’s time to go from reset to revival. Because if we don’t, we’re going to get a reset we don’t want.  

We still have time to choose.  

Winston Churchill, known for his pithy comments and wit said this, “If you aren’t a liberal by the age of 25, you have no heart. If you’re not a conservative by the age of 35, you have no brain.”  

 Perhaps we could all learn something important from Winston Churchill’s words. 

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