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The Importance of Discernment in Understanding Jesus’ Message

by | Tue, Aug 29 2023

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In John 7:14-24, Jesus is making an appearance at the temple during the time of the Feast of Tabernacles. He will begin to teach in the middle of the festive week, and there will come a robust, confrontational discussion between the Lord and His detractors.

In this episode of On The Rock, Dr Kameel Majdali teaches us how Jesus invoked Moses in His teachings. But his opponents also did this. As far as they were concerned, they were blameless in keeping the law of Moses.

Jesus taught that people could keep the law outwardly and try to fool everyone with their hypocrisy, but inwardly they were just as evil as those who had never heard of Moses.

‘The ability to discern is something we need to ask God for,’ says Kameel. ‘Because with lack of discernment, we get it wrong, even unto destruction. What is our lesson for life? That the teaching of Christ verses that of the Pharisees and Sadducees was the difference between light, authority and righteousness. Between tradition, flesh and religiosity.’

Listen to Kameel’s full message below: