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The Intersection of Faith and Finance

by | Fri, Mar 15 2024

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Recent news headlines highlight a concerning rise in Australians facing mortgage stress, with record numbers potentially affected if interest rates increase again. According to Roy Morgan, over 1.6 million households were at risk in January 2024 alone.

Financial crises can arise from different factors such as health issues, relationship strains, or career setbacks. Additionally, as society drifts away from God, we may see a continued decline in prosperity within our nation.

Alex Cook from Wealth With Purpose seeks to provide people with Biblically-inspired wisdom to navigate financial trials. Alex, a former stockbroker turned successful financial planner, is the founder of Wealth With Purpose, dedicated to empowering Christians with sound financial knowledge to honour God with their finances.

On this episode of 20Twenty, Alex joined us to discuss how lower inflation and unemployment figures could lead to a decrease in interest rates.

Listen to Alex’s full interview on 20Twenty below: