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The Lost Art of the Christian Wedding

by | Fri, Sep 16 2022

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Did you know that 4 out of 5 weddings today are performed by civil celebrants? In most Western nations, marriages have been traditionally performed in a church by a Christian minister or a priest. But preferences are changing. Our population has become more diverse, and one of the biggest changes is the number of people having secular weddings.

This is directly related to the rise in the number of people who choose not to identify as religious. Another factor may be the change in the marriage law, that now allows same sex couples to marry. Kirralie Smith from Binary recently joined us on 20Twenty, to share her thoughts on whether a Christian wedding is becoming a lost art.

Jesus is our Bridegroom

‘The Bible is very clear that as believers, we make ourselves ready as a bride for her bridegroom,’ says Kirralie. ‘And Jesus is our bridegroom. He’s the King of kings, He’s the Lord of lords. So weddings have to have that central focus of royalty, of extravagance, of celebration, of duty. I don’t think there’s anything more magnificent than when two people who love each other choose to marry.’

Marriage is central to the gospel. Adam and Eve were ordained by God in a beautiful marriage together right at the beginning. Then at the end of the Bible, the church is becoming the bride of Christ. It’s woven throughout all of the Scriptures. It’s about having an intimate relationship with our Saviour. No other religion focuses on a relationship like that.

‘The Christian has a relationship with Jesus and a relationship with God,’ says Kirralie. ‘I believe God has given us the gift of marriage. It’s really about being woven together as one, creating families. It’s the very heart of God. What an awesome reflection.’

Weddings Exemplify Christ

The open declaration that marriage is between one man and one women has been hijacked by our society at the moment. When we take Christ out of marriage, it really is just a civil union. There’s something lacking because Jesus should be central. Marriage is the story of Jesus, the groom and the bride.

‘Weddings really exemplify what the activists hate,’ says Kirralie. ‘Marriage is already a massive target. Some people want to make sure that we can’t proclaim Christ and His teachings in a marriage ceremony.’

Romance belongs to God

Kirralie believes that romance is central to the gospel. ‘God has been romancing us since day one, and when you read the Scriptures through that lens of romance, the lengths that Jesus went to, to give His own life for His bride is incredible.’

Every Hollywood film, every story, every song that’s ever been written is a poor reflection of the great romance between God and His people. Marriage is a wonderful celebration of that romance. It’s the dress rehearsal for the ultimate romance, the ultimate wedding that is to come.

‘Romance is absolutely core to our faith as Christians. I would love to see us reclaim romance, because it belongs to God. It belongs to us as believers. It’s a magnificent and wonderful thing.’

Listen to Kirralie’s full interview on 20Twenty below, and for more resources of marriage and families visit our Vision Store.