The ‘More’ Pandemic

Published by Vision Editorial Team |
Saturday, November 27th, 2021

Author: Kristine Lee

Buy! Buy! Buy! Black Friday has been immensely popular. Next up, Boxing Day. Even with COVID lockdowns the buying didn’t stop. E-commerce sales shot up.

Our society has bred consumers and addicts. We want more. More materialism, more money, more status, more likes and followers on social media, more knowledge. We also fill up our schedules.

We are on a fruitless mission to fill the gaping hole in the heart.

And most of us are not even aware that is what we are doing. This ‘more’ pandemic has been plaguing us for a while.

There is a longing in each one of us that does not seem to get satisfied. Celebrities have all the fame, money and status but many are still unhappy and rely on drugs. Busyness may help us get through days quickly, but there is still a longing for a purpose. When COVID lockdowns halted the robotic grind of daily life, many were forced face this question: what is my purpose?

The Bible says that God ‘put eternity into man’s heart’. As C.S. Lewis puts it, “If we find ourselves with a desire that nothing in this world can satisfy, the most probable explanation is that we were made for another world.”

We were made by God for the purpose of an eternal relationship with Him in a perfect world. But when Adam and Eve disobeyed God, that fellowship was broken. That hole was opened. A hole we have been trying to fill with other things than the One who can truly satisfy.

Before I was a Christian, I filled my life with romantic relationships, travel, and advocacy. But I was always restless. I always felt ancient, like I belonged to a time long ago. And I would often seek out nature, where I would feel refreshed.

Now, everything falls flat if it’s done without God. Now I understand that

I had longed for communion with God,

and it is ancient. It was formed when my ancestors, Adam and Eve could no longer walk with the Ancient of Days in the Garden of Eden. And my love for nature points back to the same!

I am thankful that Jesus died for my sins and rose again so I can once again walk with God in the nature that now I have a fresh appreciation of, knowing it is His creation. The hole in my heart has been filled, and to overflowing.

I only wish I said yes to Jesus earlier. I wish I wasn’t so stubborn. I wish I did not need to come to the end of my own hard road before I gave up on my own ways. So many wasted years and heartache.

That invitation to walk with God is also for you. That hole can be filled.

It is God’s heart desire, and it is also yours, whether you know it or not. And I wish with all my heart that you will not wait till the end of your road to say yes.

Reflect & Respond:

  • How have you been trying to fill your life? Has these been working? Have you tried receiving Jesus and spending time with Him?
  • Are you still searching for a purpose? Do you still feel a sense of emptiness? What is stopping you from giving Jesus a go?
  • If you would like to find out more about Jesus or have more questions, check out this page on Vision Christian Media’s website.

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