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The Raw Edge of The Christian Experience

by | Fri, Apr 21 2023

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Steve Schiller is an author and evangelist, who travels around Australia with the motorcycle ministry, Road Riders for Jesus. Steve has a passion for preaching the gospel, which he fulfills by jumping on his bike and traveling from place to place, conducting outreaches and preaching in tents.

Steve also ventures out to the streets and into homeless shelters, bringing the message of the gospel to people wherever they are. He recently joined us on 20Twenty to talk about his new book, The Raw Edge of the Christian Experience.

Steve says that while he never imagined himself as an author, God had other plans. The book explores how God uses circumstances to reach people, and walks believers out of religion and into relationship.

Hearing and Obeying God’s Voice

‘I’ve had people tell me they have been really transformed and liberated by it,’ says Steve. ‘It’s not an autobiography, but it’s my story with a lot of other people in it. It’s about people in the circle of influence, and what God’s done in them.’

Steve believes that it’s so important that we hear the voice of God and obey. He says the Lord really impressed upon him to write the book, but after it was written he left it to gather dust for a long time. This led to Steve going through a particularly difficult season.

‘Eventually I did what a good friend had advised me to do,’ says Steve. ‘I went back to the last thing God had asked me to do. And then I discovered that advice is in the book of James. We’re told to submit to God, resist the devil, and he will flee. And when I committed to actually publishing this book, God started to really work it all out.’

‘I’m hoping it’s going to really liberate people out of ‘churchyanity’ and into a walk with Jesus.’

Christian Experience The Raw Edge of the Christian Experience is one of those books that you’ll find extremely difficult to put down. The testimonies are raw, rough and ready and probably not ones that you would hear at a normal Sunday morning service. However they are powerful and have the ability to touch the lives of all types of people. A resource available from our Vision Store.

Listen to Steve’s full interview on 20Twenty below: