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The Risk of Woke Christian Publishers

by | Thu, Jun 23 2022

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Where do you go when you’re looking for a good Christian book? Many of us turn to a Christian publisher, yet these businesses are increasingly being purchased by their secular competitors. We have no idea what their ideals are or what they consider to be suitable for a Christian audience.

According to Bill Muhlenberg of Culture Watch, Christian publishing houses are not just being sold, but are becoming more woke. Eerdmans, for example, has gone so far as to promote Pride Month on its website, encouraging people to participate.

“We’re talking here about a lot of big American Christian book publishers,” says Bill. “Mainly the evangelical ones. Often in the past, I would tell people to look at the publisher when they wanted good Christian content. They were usually fairly reliable and consistent, but so many have been bought out now.”

It’s a problem for society when companies like Eerdmans jump on the so-called PC bandwagon. Bill has authored several books about homosexuality and recently listed 150 of the best biblical-based books on the topic. He was shocked to find that Eerdmans had never done one in their entire history.

“What they do have,” says Bill, “are books that are pro-homosexual for gay Christians. Instead of giving us an evenhanded perspective, Eerdmans has never had a book critiquing homosexuality from a biblical point of view. They are supporting Pride Month. But what God calls sin, we should never take pride in.”

While culture changes, the Bible remains constant. We risk losing our right to call ourselves Christians if we continue to embrace homosexuality and the trans movement. We can’t turn on the television, read the newspaper, or even go into certain Christian shops without witnessing their agenda.

“Biblical Christians are being silenced in the public square,” says Bill. “Even the Christian Church fears being cancelled. Whenever anyone speaks up for Biblical truth they are afraid. This whole cancel culture has got such a reign of terror going on against Christians.”

Fear can be a powerful motivator. Fear of being criticised, of being cancelled, and of being hated. The LGBTQI movement excels at promoting hate. Christians have begun falling down and going with the world instead of standing up for Christ and Scripture.

Bill says we need to ask ourselves why this is happening. “When it comes to companies like Eerdmans, we should confront them and ask why they are doing this. Why are they selling out their soul to please the world instead of pleasing Christ?”

“We cannot continue to be afraid of fighting back with Biblical truth.”

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