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The World Prayer Assembly’s Call to Unite

by | Wed, Sep 27 2023

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We are living in a time right now, both in Australia and around the world, where we need heaven to come to earth. 2 Chronicles 7:14 tells us that people who are called by God’s name will humble themselves and seek His face, turning from their wicked ways.   

Many Christians believe we need the Kingdom of God to come and His will to be done on earth as we’ve never needed it before. That’s why the World Prayer Assembly is inviting people of every tribe, family and generation to join them and unite in worship and prayer. 

Coming Together to Pray 

James Condon is part of the World Prayer Assembly Oceania, happening in Perth from the 3-6 October. He recently joined us on 20Twenty to talk about the importance of coming together to pray for the nations, for the persecuted church and to pray for souls to come into the kingdom.  

‘There’s never been a time in my lifetime,’ says James, ‘in terms of God raising up an army of intercessors to pray. And that’s true for Australia and it’s true for the world. Prayer is happening like never before and prayer is needed like never before.’ 

The World Prayer Assembly will encompass a wide range of churches and denominations, and James believes there was a distinct leading by the Holy Spirit to hold the event in Perth this year. It is one of Australia’s most united and prayerful cities, and a recent prayer gathering across the city included over 500 people with every denomination being represented.  

A Clean Heart 

‘I’ve been involved in quite a journey in terms of my own personal prayer life and leading prayer movements in Australia,’ says James. ‘I lead prayer gatherings at my local congregation. I join international prayer meetings where sometimes hundreds of thousands of people are online praying. And I ask myself, Lord, how do I pray? What do I pray for?’ 

James believes it is so important that we come before God with clean hands and a clear heart as we pray. ‘It begins on our knees in humility,’ he says.  

It’s been very encouraging to see that so many church leaders in Perth have gathered together before God, to essentially say, we need you. ‘God is doing something within the church in Australia and the world in relation to it,’ says James.  

Motivate People to Pray 

James says there have been many prophecies made about a wave of glory beginning in the Pacific Islands and flowing across Australia to the world. ‘As we prayed and sought the Lord,’ he says, ‘we began our planning and took that theme the wave of glory.’ 

‘It’s a prayer assembly. But we do have speakers, and the idea is that the speakers will challenge, inspire and motivate the people of God to pray.’  

Listen to James’s full interview on 20Twenty below and click here to register today for the World Prayer Assembly in Perth!