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Transformed in Prison through Vision

by | Fri, Nov 19 2021

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One devotional, and Vision Christian Radio. In the hands of someone held captive in prison. That’s how God met Mel from Casino, and now many others through Mel. That’s the power of God’s Word, and He can do immeasurably more than what we ask or imagine!

Mel shared her incredible story during our November Visionathon.

“I found Jesus while I was in prison three years ago in Sydney. Before that, I never had anything to do with God or churches.

I had friends send in The Word for Today or sometimes the Chaplin would bring it in for me.

Vision Christian Radio helped me get through many long dark nights.

I was lucky enough to have a Walkman with earphones to tune into the radio and listen to your programs. Listening helped me sleep overnight. I’d just sort of zone out and focus on what Vision was playing.  I’d find and learn some new songs and listen to different stories. Then in the mornings, I’d listen to you guys while I was doing laps around an oval or as I was working at the milk section down in Sydney. So yeah, so it was interesting times, but you’ve kept it going for me.

Today, I do a lot of volunteer work at the Winsome Soup Kitchen in Lismore. You see people that generally need help and want help. It only takes five minutes to listen to somebody or say hello, and it makes their day.

I now also own my own business with my husband who I married this year, and I’m registered to start my diploma of ministry next year to one day become a Chaplin and help people who need it, just like I did.

The steps that I’ve taken the last few years have really helped me to see and open my eyes to what’s really important in life. Vision has played a big part in that. I really hope that when people give, they understand the impact they’re about to have on people’s hearts. They are helping them find the Lord while they’re going through some really dark times being inside the prison.

It doesn’t matter whether people are good or bad, or if they’ve done things wrong or done everything perfect in life. God loves you no matter what. He’s there for you and He helps you get through good times and bad times.

I have many people, who know my past, say to me, do you regret everything that you’ve done? I can’t easily say yes. If I hadn’t walked the path that I had walked, would I be the person I am today?

I’m fortunate where I have a lot of beautiful people in my life today.”

What a transformation! Only God can do that. Mel’s testimony is just going to grow bigger as she continues to reach out to others.

We have all been commissioned to go and tell others about the love of Christ. So that they might believe and be set free. Radio is one of those few ways that can reach people right where they are. At Vision, we use this platform to broadcast God’s truth and to shine His light into some of the darkest places.

When you donate to Vision, you are partnering with us — bringing God’s love to where it is hard for people to physically reach.

Seeing a soul set free for eternity; and the ripple effects; there’s no price tag to that.

Thank you

Thank you for partnering with God through Vision to see lives saved and forever changed.

Will you believe together with us today for a revival in the heart of every Australian?
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