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True Worship

by | Mon, Feb 20 2023

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The Woman at the Well is one of the most famous stories of the Bible. It’s a remarkable discourse between a sinful woman, and the Holy Son of God. She learns that this man is not only prophetic, but is offering her living water so she will never thirst again.

What does it mean to worship God in spirit and in truth? This Samaritan woman had some religious instruction, and she understood the Messiah was coming. One of the most remarkable parts of John’s gospel is the fact that Jesus revealed himself to her, and not to the religious elite in Jerusalem.

On this episode of On The Rock, Dr Kameel Majdali teaches us that Jesus is speaking words of life that are not only sending a fire to the Samaritan women’s own soul, but will kindle a fire within the whole community.

‘There is an interesting dialogue between this sinful Samaritan woman and the sinless Son of God,’ says Kameel. ‘She talks about, first of all, how her fathers worshipped on the mountain. She’s referring to the Samaritans and their eldership, who said the people should be worshipping on Mt. Gerizim.’

The idea is that you can only worship God properly in a location of His choosing. But then Jesus changes the rules. He says that true worship is not bound by geography. Jesus makes a stunning announcement that worship of the Father is not dictated by location.

‘True worshippers will worship not in a place but in spirit,’ says Kameel. ‘This represents wholehearted connectedness with the living God. Not some kind of religious routine. Worshipping in truth represents the whole gospel, including the Messiahship of Jesus and the outpouring of the Holy Spirit on all of the Lord’s redeemed people.’

‘This is the kind of worship that God wants. No other kind of worship is acceptable.’

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