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Vision Christian Radio Saves Lives!

by | Wed, May 24 2023

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Brian from Smithfield in Queensland contacted Vision to share how Vision Radio saved his life ten years ago by pointing him to God through a pastor sent to help him.

‘I had a terrible childhood. Not much luck,’ said Brian. ‘I was abused as a child a couple of times. I was run over by a car. I fell through a glass window and nearly died. All before the age of seven.’

My life didn’t get much better, and I couldn’t deal with it, so I turned to drugs and alcohol like everyone does. I tried to wipe it off my mind. Then I bumped into a fella who used to listen to Vision Radio. He was a pastor. He must have known that something was wrong, obviously, because he was a Godly person. He prayed over me and told me about Vision Radio.

I was suicidal at the time, and I wanted to give everything up. I thought, Why me? I couldn’t deal with it. It was just too much. And then things just got better and better. I kept praying. Then he kept ringing me, and I was starting to get angry, thinking, why does he keep bothering me? … not realising what was going on. It must have been God talking to him, telling him to help me. I didn’t see that at the start, but eventually, I did. I’m just so blessed now and feel so blessed that I finally realised what was going on.’

Brian shared how his wife also had a terrible childhood, much the same as his. Her mother died when she was seven years old, and she had a stepfather who abused her. Three of her friends used to come over, and he abused all of them. Brian said her friends have since committed suicide.

Stories like Brian’s are a powerful testimony of how God uses people to bring them to salvation. The pastor who noted Brian was struggling not only had a caring heart but was led by the Holy Spirit to keep checking on Brian in that early walk in his faith. While the pastor could not be there for Brian 24/7, he knew Vision could be a source of constant encouragement.

As Brian pointed out, one of the best and less intimidating ways to share the good news of the Gospel is to introduce them to Vision, as the pastor did with Brian. We see some amazing things happen through the resources Vision provides on a 24/7 basis. It’s transforming lives.

The seed you sow by donating to Visionathon will help others like Brian access God’s Word every day. A tax-deductible donation of $100 will enable Vision to reach a thousand people through digital marketing, and $1,000 will introduce 10,000 people to Vision, some of whom may never have heard of Vision, like Brian, who to this day only listens to Vision Radio.

Will you help people look to God daily as we believe and work together?

You’ll probably never get to meet the people you help, but they will be forever grateful that you chose to respond.

Now is a great time to call in on 1800 316 316, at or in the free Vision Christian Media app.

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