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Vision Radio Station Launched in Barraba, New South Wales

by | Tue, Jul 9 2024

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Vision’s radio station in Barraba, New South Wales, went to air on the 29th of June 2024. This is Vision’s 91st radio station out of the 100 stations 2021-2023 project and the 830th station overall. We did not see this one coming! After speaking to a caller during Visionathon, they offered to host the station equipment in their home. Fifteen days after their call, Vision was on air in Barraba. Hallelujah!

Barraba has a population of 1,035 and is located 476 km north of Sydney and 90 km north of Tamworth on the picturesque Fossickers Way route with the Manilla River and the Nandewar Ranges to the west, and the Horton Valley to the north-west. 

The main appeal of the area is its long history as a mining town and the spectacular national parks which attracts campers, bushwalkers, and birdwatchers. Barraba is also part of the Silo Art Trail. Artist Fintan Magee created the 40-metre high Barraba Silo mural named The Water Diviner. 

For those interested in delving into the local history, a visit to Nandewar Historical Society Museum would be of interest. It’s located at 71 Queen Street and has lots of memorabilia on display such as clothing, household goods, office equipment, machinery, tools, photos, diaries, and newspapers. Barraba’s oldest buildings are the Court House built around 1881, the Commercial Hotel built around 1890, which was once a Cobb & Co changing station, and St Laurence’s Church of England built from 1874-1875 on the corner of Alice and Queen Streets. 

Outdoor adventurers will enjoy exploring the lush, volcanic national parks. Horton Falls has an 83 metre drop from the Horton River. West of the falls is the 4WD accessible Barraba Track in Mount Kaputar National Park. It’s a great spot for a picnic, BBQ or stay in the campground or cabin accommodation. Enjoy the wildlife, go for a bushwalk, ride the many tracks on your mountain bike or on horseback. 

Adams Lookout is 5 km north-east of Barraba. It was named after Alfred Adams who in 1850 purchased Barraba Station. It’s a great spot for a picnic, offering spectacular views over Barraba including views of Mount Kaputar to the west.  

So, whether you’re a local or visiting, you can now tune in to 87.6 FM and be blessed by God’s Word being spread throughVision Radio and the supporters who made it possible. It might just change your life!  

Do you want Vision Christian Radio in your town? 

If you would like to host or fund a Vision Christian Radio station in your town, please contact us by clicking this link 

The cost of establishing a new transmission site depends on the output power and unique site requirements.  

Low power licences (ideal in a small country town, for example) typically cost less than $10,000 to establish. This includes the satellite receiving and FM retransmission equipment, the cost of the licence itself, basic local marketing, and program supply via satellite for the first year.  

High-power licences and transmission sites are more expensive (but they do have much greater reach).  

If you’d like to bring Vision’s radio ministry to your community – or elsewhere, click the Fund a Station link here.  

Image from Grahamec Wikimedia Commons