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Vision180 — Great Influence on Youth

by | Fri, Nov 19 2021

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36 out of the top 40 mainstream songs have sexually explicit lyrics or swear words in them. How do we keep our younger generation off that? Give them a solid alternative like Vision180!

During our November Visionathon appeal, Andrew from Ruse in New South Wales shared how Vision180 had a positive impact on his family.

“I found out about Vision five or six years ago and now we listen to it whenever we are in the car.

When Vision180 started my daughter started listening to that as well.

Music is one of those things that can really get right into your spirit. The enemy can use that, in a negative way and really erode your morals as well. I think you’d be arrested if you went out on the street and said some of the words in the top 40 mainstream songs! But it seems ok if you sing about it.

Vision180 isn’t like other stations.  It has music that is good and that helps build your morals. I think it’s really good for my daughter to get that input, especially as some of those words are straight from the Bible.”

Thank God for Vision180 as an alternative! And good on Andrew to be listening with his daughter!

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