Vision180 Saving Kids

Kristine Lee |
Wednesday, November 17th, 2021

We are all gunning for our youths. This nation’s future rests on their shoulders. What joy and hope when young lives are transformed by the love and power of God! Students in Googa Creek have experienced that, and all through God’s Word in the Vision180 magazine.

Joe and his wife work with young people at the Googa Outdoor Education Centre. They are hearing some wonderful stories about lives being transformed.

Joe gets a number of Vision180’s sent to him, and the students get an opportunity to read them.

One student took his Vision180 magazine with him into the bush to spend the night camping on his own.

When he came back in the morning, he shared with Joe that he had prayed a prayer that was in the back of the magazine.

When Joe looked at it, he realised that it was actually the sinner’s prayer.

“He had prayed that, and he said to us,  ‘I feel like I’m a Christian now’. We were really blessed to hear that story. We prayed with him, and we were able to encourage him.

The student was then further discipled by his church. Joe says that’s the reason he does what he does – to share the Gospel with kids.

In a quiet little place where kids are just by themselves, God shows up through the Vision180 magazine.

But it can also happen through the radio, or in a closed bedroom. Kids are trying to shut out the world. But God shows up wherever they are, and they are giving their hearts to Him.

“This is happening all the time,” says Joe. “This is just the one that we heard about.”

It’s so exciting to know that your donations help spread the word of Jesus, whether it’s through the radio or Vision180.

Lives and hearts are being impacted. Salvation is happening across the nation.


Revival took place at that campsite that night. When you disconnect from everything, you’ve got to think, and you’ve got to focus.

It provides an opportunity to have spiritual formation. But we are unified in this mission that God has given us.

He has equipped us all with different resources, different responsibilities, and different abilities.

When we come together and work together, that is absolutely powerful.

It’s wonderful to be a part of young lives being saved. Their eternal destiny has changed as a result, as we continue to help them look to God daily.

Please believe together with us today for a revival in the heart of every Australian.

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