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We Are Messengers: How An Irish Catholic Came to Christ in a Protestant Church

by | Wed, Jan 17 2024

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We Are Messengers is an Irish Christian rock band led by frontman Darren Mulligan. Since the band’s inception in 2015, they have toured throughout the USA, Europe and beyond. The band has had 11 consecutive Top Ten radio singles, including the #1 hit Come What May, the American Gold Certified song Maybe It’s Ok, and other hits such as Saviour and the newly released, God Be The Glory.

Darren Mulligan and his wife Heidi joined DJ and Leah for an exclusive interview on Rise and Shine to share Darren’s journey to Christ through Heidi’s faithful and persistent prayers.

‘I always saw something in Darren. I think I always knew that God had something special for him from the moment He gave his life to the Lord. When I first came to the Lord, and He didn’t know Jesus, and we were living in that place of one person following the Lord and one person not, I could never imagine that God would have got us to this place here,’ said Heidi.

Wild Living Confessions

After a stint of wild living and drinking, Darren gave his life to Jesus at the age of twenty-seven. A year later, God put it on his heart to confess to his wife every shameful thing he had done during his wild days. It was the hardest thing he had to do, but it had a major impact on his life and music. Darren’s lyrics reflect people’s life struggles, especially those that leave people reluctant to face the person they’ve become after making wrong choices.

‘I always wanted to write ordinary music for ordinary people. I was never wanting to be some fancy, impressive artist. I just wanted to write music that would move people, that would encourage them, that would challenge them, and that would carry them when they can’t look at themselves in the mirror. Like me and Heidi. Both of us, in our lives, struggled in many ways,’ said Darren. ‘I write songs about a God who loves people like us in our brokenness. There are so many times Heidi and I could have quit on each other. But we chose to carry each other through the hard times, and the tough times and the beautiful times. Is that not just like Jesus?

‘So this band isn’t a band that describes Jesus in metaphors like he’s living in the clouds. I write songs about a human God, about Jesus in the flesh and blood who walks with people like us and says, “Come, walk with me, learn to walk in the unforced rhythms of My grace and you’ll find rest for your weary soul.” Me and Heidi have found rest in Jesus. And our band has found rest in Jesus. We’re in a sweet spot because we don’t have to prove anything anymore to anybody. We’ve done all right at this thing, and we choose to do it because we love it, and we love the people God has given us.’

The Pressure to Give Up on Darren

Heidi gave her heart to Jesus at a church in Dublin, Ireland. There were members of the church who did not approve of her relationship with Darren and told her to leave him.

‘It was so hard being the person that loved Jesus and the person that you love not loving Jesus was so hard in that waiting period. But what I would say is, put God first,’ said Heidi. ‘I remember telling Darren that I loved him, but I love Jesus more than I loved him. And I think that shifted something in him.’

‘I didn’t like that at all. I was like, “Who’s this Jesus fella?”’ said Darren. ‘They actually told her to leave me. They gave her a choice. They said, if you don’t leave him, we’ll stop fellowshipping with you,’ said Darren. ‘And Heidi chose a drunken, adulterous mess of a man over this beautiful community that God had given her. But even people in that church, a few good friends, stayed with her and prayed without ceasing.’

While Heidi kept telling Darren about Jesus and persevering about him coming to church, she was never pushy. Darren eventually agreed to attend church even though he made it clear to her that he didn’t believe.

An Irish Catholic Comes to Christ in a Protestant Church

‘The church I came to Jesus in, you wouldn’t believe it. We grew up on the border with Northern Ireland, so anyone who was Protestant we didn’t like, and anyone who was Protestant didn’t like us because we were Catholics. And it was a weird thing because we went to the most Protestant-looking church you could imagine. There were no windows on it. It looked like a ‘Secret Lives of the Freemasons’, said Darren. ‘We went in, and there were about 50 or 60 people crammed in this wee room, absolutely losing their minds over this Jesus music. And I remember turning to Heidi and saying, “I could get on with this.”’

Darren and Heidi faithfully went to church for the next four months even though he kept telling her he didn’t believe. He listened to the preacher until, one night, he was convinced that God was Holy and he was a dead man. That’s when he ran to Jesus.

‘But it was a year later when I told Heidi everything I had done in my life. She forgave me and put her arms around me, and kissed me. That’s when I fell in love with Jesus. I came out of fear, but I stayed because of love. And so I don’t know much about the Jesus in the sky, but I know about the Jesus who looks like a good, tall, blonde Scottish woman,’ said Darren. ‘Isn’t that what Jesus does? Who’s He using? We’re all waiting for trumpets, and we’re waiting for bells and sirens, and Jesus has given us hands to hold, some people to hug, words to speak, and songs to sing.’

Love in Action

While Darren and Heidi share a beautiful love story, it’s not always a bed of roses.

‘There are days when we absolutely murder each other. This whole romantic love that you’re watching on the Hallmark movies is not the real thing. The real thing is choosing to love each other when you can’t stand each other,’ said Darren. ‘You can tell a lot about somebody by how they treat you when they don’t like you.’

Regardless of the day-to-day struggles in relationships, Darren said that he and Heidi always resolve their issues.

‘We’ve never gone to bed without saying sorry or gone to bed angry,’ said Darren. ‘That’s one of the things we try and teach our kids. We don’t hide from the kids that Mum and Dad aren’t perfect and have problems. We want to show them that you can stay together. You can choose to love each other when it’s hard. And that’s a more beautiful love than something that’s contingent upon how good you are to somebody.’

We Are Messengers January 2024 Australian Tour

Darren and his band members, Kyle Williams (guitar), Raul Aguilar (bass) and Drew Kerxton (drums), will be touring Australia in January and February 2024 for their ‘Where the Joy Is’ Tour.

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