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What if Jesus Sends you an Email?

by | Sat, Oct 2 2021

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Are you moving forward in your relationship with Jesus? Do you remember your first love? Pastor Greg Laurie shares some truths from the Bible.

When someone backslides away from God, it’s not something they generally do overnight. It’s a little compromise here, a lowering of the guard there. And the next thing we know we’re slipping away. We are either moving forward in our faith, or we’re moving backward.  

In his latest message, “What if Jesus sent you an Email”, Pastor Greg Laurie teaches us that if we’re not moving forward and cultivating that relationship with the Lord, our spiritual life is going to come to a standstill. He brings us some instruction for our walk with God; and helps us to keep our foot on the accelerator.  

In Revelation Chapter 2, there’s a special blessing to the person who reads, hears and keeps the words of this book. But Jesus says there’s a problem. You guys are doing awesome. You’re hard working. You’re discerning. You do so much for me. And I appreciate it, but there is a problem developing. And I have to tell you what this problem is. You have left your first love. But if you leave something, you know where it is, and you can return to it again. 


Christians had traded their devotion and put duty in its place.

They had motion, but they lost the emotion. They had labor, but they lost the love. They had perspiration, but they didn’t seem to have inspiration. If you want to keep your relationship ship with God strong, you can’t take your hand off the wheel. If you stop moving forward, you will begin to move backwards. You’ve left your first love. It’s a heart problem.  

“Notice that Jesus says you’ve left your first love,” says Greg. “He talks about how they have fallen. Remember from where you have fallen. This is the first step to falling away. But Jesus, doesn’t just tell us what’s wrong. He tells us what to do to make it right. You need to remember; you need to repent and you need to repeat.” 

Was there a time when you were closer to God than you are right now? Make that a point of reference. Now repent and admit that you’re not as close to the Lord as you want to be right now. What did you do when your relationship with Jesus was stronger? Whatever it was, whether it was reading the Bible, listening to worship music or podcast teachings, go back and do it again.  

“If you’re walking closely with the Lord, guess what will happen?” continues Greg. “You will be persecuted. The Bible says all who live Godly lives in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. When someone makes fun of you or even outright attacks you because of your faith, that’s an indication you’re on the right track. If you’re never persecuted, criticized, or hassled for your faith in any way, I wonder if you’re actually living a Godly life.” 

Jesus says in verse 9, ‘I know your works, your tribulation and your poverty.’ The people suffered greatly. They suffered in their businesses because of their faith. People would not want to trade with these people who said Jesus is Lord. And they were mistreated. Many of them were even put to death. If you want to receive the crown of life, you must persevere under trial. You must hang in there. When you’re persecuted, you must resist temptation.  

“If you’ve trusted in Jesus Christ, you don’t have to fear the second death,” Jeff says. “Look at Revelation. He who overcomes will not be hurt by the second death. The second death is dying without Christ and going to hell.

Hell is real. The last thing God wants for any person made in His image is to spend eternity separated from Him.”

“Death died when Christ rose, and now Jesus who died and rose again is alive.  Jesus Christ can come and forgive you of your sin so you can be born again, and you will go to heaven when you die.” 

To listen to the rest of Greg’s message, ‘What if Jesus Sent You an Email’, click below.

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