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What Is Financial Freedom?

by | Tue, May 2 2023

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Money is a topic that is mentioned numerous times in the Bible. While it is not inherently evil, the love of money is warned against as it can lead to greed and unethical behaviour. Jesus himself spoke about the danger of putting too much emphasis on wealth.

However, the Bible also encourages those who have financial resources to give generously to others in need, emphasising the importance of selflessness and compassion. The Bible teaches that while wealth should not be the focus of our lives, it should be used for the greater good.

In this episode of Running With Fire, Pastor Tak Bhana encourages us to embrace the goal of financial freedom as a way to be set free from the hold that money can have over us. How can we discover what motivates us to be generous givers?

Generous Obedience

‘I think the lowest level of giving is self-interest,’ says Tak. ‘You see an organisation, a volunteer group or a church and you also see it’s good for your family so you give. The next level, which is up a notch, is giving out of spiritual gratitude. How grateful we are to God in all that He’s done in our lives?’

Psalm 116:12 prompts us to consider what we can offer to God in return for His blessings upon us. We give to God out of our appreciation and for His benefit, as a way of investing in the Kingdom. When someone is good to us, we want to give back to them. God is no different.

‘Level three is just simple obedience,’ says Tak. ‘Whether we acknowledge it or not, everything belongs to God. He likes generous, willing obedience.’

‘I think it’s more accurate to call it returning than giving. We’re just giving back to God what is already His. Possession does not mean ownership. We might possess it, but God actually owns all our money.’

‘So let’s allow Him to work in our hearts.’

Listen to Tak’s full message on Running With Fire below: