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What Makes a Biblical Marriage Happy

by | Wed, Sep 13 2023

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What makes a Biblical marriage happy and what do we contrast that to? For many Christians, it’s a timeless comparison between the sacred institution of Biblical marriage and the contemporary practices of de facto or trial marriages.

When we compare these things, we are actually measuring classic wisdom against modern trends. Biblical marriages have stood the test of time across the generations. But when couples take the casual, non-traditional routes without the context of faith, what keeps them together?

On this episode of Faith and the Future, Dr Kameel Majdali shares his belief that married couples are more likely to be happy than those in a cohabitating relationship because of their long-term commitment. But it also brings emotional security and honour to God.

A God Pleasing Life

‘We need to be living a God-pleasing life,’ says Kameel, ‘because the grace and the blessing of God on the God-pleasing life is too wonderful to leave, chance or forsake for temporary sensual pleasure. There’s no comparison. It is a life-giving stream in the midst of so much that is defiled.’

Kameel also believes that married couples are meant to share their resources socially, economically and materially. This means there is not only a greater likelihood of increasing their net worth, but it gives them more financial security and freedom.

‘There is a protection here,’ says Kameel, ‘and that to me is very important. If we want family harmony as well as happiness we need to also make financial freedom a goal. Then you are free to do whatever God has called you to do.’

Two Become One

Married couples also tend to be better connected in their family relationships, particularly with in-laws. Because of that, they can draw greater support from the outside. These factors help make married couples happier and promote a greater sense of well-being than those who merely cohabitate.

‘The mystery of Biblical marriage is that the two become one flesh,’ says Kameel, ‘and that unity produces many wonderful spinoffs like security, a shared life, and of course the birth and nurture of children and the blessing of family life.’

‘Everybody benefits.’

Listen to Kameel’s full message on Faith and the Future below:

Visionathon Will you stand with us?
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