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What’s In A Name? – Ps Greg Laurie

by | Sat, Jun 10 2023

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Social media can be a minefield of heated debates and arguments. From suggestions to counter-suggestions, disagreements to personal attacks, it can feel like we’re left with no option but to close the page with a pessimistic outlook on our fellow man.

In his message “What’s In A Name”, Pastor Greg Laure urges us to be careful about who our source of input is. Greg encourages us to seek our guidance and direction from the One who is greater than any voice or opinion of man – our wonderful counsellor and mighty God.

‘Some people turn to Google or Siri for answers to life’s deepest questions,’ says Greg. ‘And meanwhile, here’s the Creator of the universe giving us his word. The Bible tells us that at the name of Jesus Christ, every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that He is the Lord.’

The Name of God

In Isaiah 9:6 , we gain insight into the name, purpose and work of Jesus Christ. It tells us a son is given and the government will be upon his shoulders. His name will be Wonderful Counsellor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, and Prince of Peace.

‘As we contemplate God’s glory and work in our lives,’ says Greg, ‘ we should be filled with awe and wonder. God is reminding us here that He wants to give us His personal counsel and direction. The Bible says, if any man lacks wisdom, let him ask of God and it will be given generously. ‘

It’s important for us to remember that Jesus Christ was not just a good man. He was the God man. Jesus was fully God and fully man. But He was not a sinful man. He was made like us, but He was different. He became one of us without ceasing to be Himself, and He became human, without ceasing to be God.

‘The fact that Christ became fully human reminds us that He understands what we’re going through,’ says Greg. ‘He has the power we need to live for Him. He knows what it’s like to face the difficulties that we face. And He is here for us.’

‘I would say it’s impossible to be a Christian without the empowerment and help of the Holy Spirit. We need that power in our lives.’

Listen to Greg’s full message on A New Beginning below and for more resources visit our Vision Store.