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Why Does God Allow Suffering? – Pastor Greg Laurie

by | Thu, Apr 7 2022

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Prayer despite suffering
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Why does God allow suffering? It’s a common question. But it can help us if we can see our pain through the eyes of God. In this new series, Ps Greg Laurie points out that it can also help if we keep our perspective on our Heavenly Father.

Many Christians have big questions about suffering and why things happen. But it’s not a new question. Greg believes it was a question first asked during the first century time of Christ. It’s told through the story of a blind man who was healed by Jesus.

“He also became a believer in addition to having his blindness healed,” says Greg. “We’ve all heard people say seeing is believing. In his case, believing was seeing because he saw things he had never seen before.”

It wasn’t just faces of friends and family or the beauty of God’s creation. He saw spiritually as well. And he discovered what the real purpose of life was because he saw Jesus. And that is why he saw everything else in its proper perspective.

“We read in the Bible that the men watching came back saying, was it the man or his parents who sinned?” says Greg. “But how could this man have sinned if he was blind from birth? And the reason this question was asked is that some Jews of the day believed in their own version of reincarnation.”

They actually thought that you would be alive in another time as another person or another life form. A good life resulted in a rebirth to a higher life form, a bad life resulted in a rebirth to a lower quality life form.

“Of course, scripture tells us that God knew us in our mother’s womb,” says Greg. “God knew all about us and had a plan for our life. We have one life to live on this Earth. There are no other chances beyond the grave.”

“Can physical suffering on Earth be a result of sin? The answer is yes and no,” says Greg. “In the broad sense, all suffering is a result of sin. But it’s not all personal. Someone born with a disability has done nothing to deserve that.”

The curse of sin affects all of us because of the sin of Adam and Eve in the garden. God wants us to love Him because we choose to. But with that choice to say yes also came the ability to say no. So freewill is our greatest blessing, and in some ways, our greatest curse.

“When it comes to the question about suffering and why it happens,” says Greg. “we always want to find cause and effect. Sometimes evil people do evil things and pay the consequences. And sometimes godly people suffer. Where’s the justice? We just don’t understand.”

Godly people face tragedy. It is not always something we can explain, but the most important thing for Christians is that we have hope as followers of Jesus Christ because there’s more than life on this Earth.

“There is life beyond this side of Heaven,” says Greg. “That’s the key to understanding.”

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