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Wonderfully Made

by | Mon, Mar 7 2022

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Animated Film Wonderfully Made
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Wonderfully Made

 Sometimes a story changes the way we see reality. In a social media world, it’s harder than ever for young people to believe that they have intrinsic worth and value. That is what prompted university student Joseph Hoh to come up with the concept for the short animated film, ‘Wonderfully Made’.

Joseph is a filmmaker from Melbourne, and says the heartbeat of ‘Wonderfully Made’ is to spread the message that every human being is beautiful regardless of their imperfections. Joseph recently joined us on ‘Rise & Shine’ to share a bit more about the motivation behind his project.

Joseph says that ‘Wonderfully Made’ was actually his student film, but he was determined to make something that would glorify God. He admits to being a bit nervous because it was unique, and Christian ideas are often easily rejected.

“I knew in my heart when I was praying about it that I wanted to do something with a good message that glorified God,” says Joseph. “I wanted it to be accessible to everyone but also help advance the kingdom. That’s really how ‘Wonderfully Made’ started.”

During the planning stages, Joseph wanted to make a film that had the message of the truth of scripture that was digestible for people. He says he’s aiming for someone to really encounter Jesus by watching it. In the end, he decided to aim for a simple truth.

“When I pitched the idea, it was actually received really well,” Joseph says. “I didn’t want to be overly preachy with it, but I wanted to stand firm. I was praying very nervously that God would bring the people we needed to do this. And He has, every step of the way.”

The film follows the story of a young boy named Peter as he’s taken through vibrant illustrations of creation and the natural environment. At the end of the film, this character learns that there is also beauty and intricacy is inside of him. He’s beautiful because he’s been made by God.

Joseph believes all the social media and filters that kids are exposed to today is causing them to question their identity and worth in their formative years. “The boy in the film has a skin condition, and in a lot of cultures that causes insecurity for a child, “says Joseph.  “But God made everything so beautifully. You can look outside and see the trees, the sky and the cosmos. It’s intricate and beautiful.”

‘Wonderfully Made’ is only seven minutes long, but Joseph really wanted the character to be relatable to children. The story is a gateway for a biblical conversation, and he’d like it to be free for kids to access either via Sunday school programs, or other platforms.

Joseph also managed to raise the funding he needed for the project in just one day. “We exceeded our goal in less than 24 hours,” he says. “I know that was thanks to God. Now we’re hoping to have an original soundtrack and we want to make a children’s book.”

“I love this idea, and I really believe in it”, Joseph says. “I praise God every day for the generosity and support we have received in making it.”

“I want kids to be able to know God, and realise they are fearfully and wonderfully made in His image.”

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