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Helping others is part of our DNA

Helping others in Christian media ministries has always been a core foundational principle of who we are. For example, throughout the 1990s we helped over 30 Australian Christian community stations to get started — most of them are still going today!

Today, our 'helping' focus is on our neighbours in the Asia Pacific region.  On behalf of UCB International, we're sharing our knowledge and experience to help Christian media organisations in our region become strong and influential forces for good in their nations.

We are committed to the process — each year we invest the equivalent of 10% of our non-specified income in this way (our tithe).

This assistance is focussed primarily on organisations who are still in the early stages of development: in Papua New Guinea, Bougainville, Cook Islands, Philippines, Thailand, Nepal, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, Timor Lesté and Indonesia — these are just some of the places that have benefited from our technical, management, programming and other areas of expertise.

In some of these places, Christian radio is now well-established, expanding and thriving.

We’re also active in spreading the good news by helping our Asian and Pacific neighbours to produce their own versions of The Word for Today.

So when you support Vision you're not just reaching Australia — your impact goes well beyond our shores too!

Putting up an aerial in PNG

Read some of the latest news below:

Spiritual Waves in the South Pacific

Waves of enthusiasm are sweeping across the South Pacific as many of our island neighbours prepare for new ways of local outreach. Bougainville In PNG, local teens have been so eager to reach their peers through radio that they’ve approached UCB Bougainville for training even before the application for a new youth station was approved. …Read More

Nepal and Asia Pacific Update

4000 copies or 40% of Nepal’s fourth edition of The Word for Today were destroyed in last year’s earthquake. Distribution of the fifth edition was made more difficult by politics and an embargo from a neighbouring country. Only 7000 copies were able to be printed and distributed. Despite crisis and difficulty, Message of Hope (Nepal’s …Read More

Vision helps Life FM set up in Rarotonga

We travelled to Rarotonga – the Cook Islands  – to conduct test broadcasts for a new Christian station in the island nation’s capital. The airport is right on the beach with majestic rugged razor back mountains in the background, but it is a beautiful island. On our second day we went to Church where I …Read More

Vision helps Youth station relaunch in Samoa

God is moving in the islands with the relaunch of a youth station in Samoa. It’s been a big day here in Apia, Samoa visiting the leadership and team at the YFC christian youth station Radio Laufou (new life) 91.5 FM They have a studio and office on the water front and a big tower ( …Read More

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