God’s Word Transforms a Community

Baptisms in Mulan

Baptisms in Mulan

Back in February 2013, we reported on the transformation of a tiny desert community on the edge of the east Kimberley region. Shirley Brown had approached Chariots of Fire about partnering with us to bring Vision Christian Radio to Mulan. It was her hope that Christian radio would be a catalyst in reducing the suicide rate, fights and disputes within the indigenous population.

Channel 7 reported that in the 18 months after installing Vision Radio, there had been no suicides in Mulan.

Well, God was soon spectacularly at work—beyond anyone’s wildest dream! A few months after Vision’s first broadcast, 32 people—more than 1/3 of the community—gave their lives to the Lord!

GWN Channel 7 interviewed Brian Sonneman of Chariots of Fire and noted that 18 months on, no more suicides had occurred in Mulan. The change is absolutely stunning!

Watch the Channel 7 interview below.

And you can watch this moving account of baptisms in Mulan:

We rejoice and praise God for the continuing impact of your gifts in the most isolated parts of our nation.


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