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Stephanie Hendrick
Stephanie Hendrick

Stephanie Hendrick spent many years building a thriving mortgage lending business with her husband, but it was when her daughter asked how she knew she made the right choice for her career that Stephanie realised she had surrendered her dreams in exchange for a sense of security.

She told Neil Johnson on Vision’s 20Twenty program that she has now become determined to instil in her own children that the sky is the limit to their dreams, in contrast to the glass ceiling she built over her own.

Stephanie Hendrick’s new book is called “Meant for More: Turning Passion into Purpose & Designing the Life You Were Made For”. She is also the founder of Meant for More, a platform designed for women navigating the messy middle of motherhood, marriage, business and faith.

Stephanie believes that envisioning what her readers wanted to know was an important first step in deciding to write the book. “This book was dreamt up and designed for the ambitious women; a women who thinks there is something more out there for her. The thing about this book is that it’s resonating with men as well. Because they are fathers and husbands, they are interested in discovering what is on the other side of the women in their lives.”

Stephanie says that there are many women who are definitely content with what they are doing. “But there are also many who resonate with the idea that we are meant for more. I remember so many days where I was just trying to survive. Sometimes more has to wait, and our dreams get put on the shelf. We start crying out to God to please tell us that there is something bigger than this.”

Stephanie continues that in her opinion, those big dreams come from God. ‘He has a plan for all of us. I believe He is proud of who He sends down to earth. We are here to bring glory to Him, to further His mission, and bring more people to know Him. The message of my book is so faith based.”

Stephanie says that many women who don’t have a deep faith are still ambitious and driven. “They may not have a God centred focus, but it’s really up to us to plant those seeds and live by faith to be an example.

Whenever I felt fearful and discouraged, I would just pray. I know God has me here for a purpose. You just have to take it one step at a time. The simpler you can make it, the more you can allow Him to guide you. You can’t necessarily see it when you’re in it.”

Stephanie also says that she doesn’t want to limit her own children’s choices of career. “My conversation with my daughter was a pivotal moment of internal reflection. The biggest impact I am ever going to have with my life is on my daughters. Daughters look to their mothers because that’s how they see their future selves. They don’t always listen to the things we tell them, but they will do what they see their parents do.”

My daughters saw their mum bring a dream to fruition, and now they know it can be done.

Stephanie also talks about what she calls ‘the messy middle’, and why it’s so important for women to understand to no one has it together in this chaotic life. “There is truth in Proverbs 31 that women were designed for purpose. From a biblical standpoint, there was never inequality between men and women. There is tremendous purpose in being a mother but there is so much more life after the kids grow up. We have to ask ourselves, who are we here to serve? We need to allow God to do his work through us, as opposed to trying to control everything ourselves.”

Listen to the rest of Stephanie’s discussion on ‘The Messy Middle’ with Neil below.

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