Eavesdropping on God’s Word

Hand up to ear listening

You just never know who might be listening!

As Christians we all have a desire to share the Real Hope of Jesus’ love that we have personally experienced in our own lives.   However, when it comes to starting a conversation about God with those around us it’s often a scary thought because we don’t know how they will react.

That’s where the subtle effect of ‘eavesdropping’ or ‘second hand listening’ becomes a handy way to share God’s Word with those we love.

Bec recently gave her heart to the Lord and desperately wanted her husband to become a Christian too, but wasn’t sure how to broach the subject.   She’d been using Vision to grow in her faith as a new believer and hoped that the ‘second-hand listening’ to God’s Word that her husband was doing would have an impact on his life.

And it did!! Bec shared with Robbo and Becci about the day she left Vision playing in their home for her husband to hear while she was out.

“I came home from work the other day, and I’d left the radio on.  He said to me that there was a sermon on the radio and at the end of it they said, ‘If you want to give your heart to the Lord, do this…’.  And he did it!! Praise God I am so happy.”

Bec is proof that when God’s Word goes out, you just never know whose heart the Holy Spirit is softening and opening up to receive the Real Hope that can only come from a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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