Everything Changed when Tania’s Husband was Diagnosed with a Brain Tumour

Wife in hospital with husband
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Three weeks ago the lives of Dan, Tania and their two children took a dramatic turn without warning when Dan was diagnosed with a brain tumour.

The family from the rural town of Goombungee in Queensland immediately packed up their lives and relocated to Brisbane so Dan could receive surgery to remove as much of the tumour as possible.

Tania shared that Vision is a regular part of their lives, helping them each day to strengthen their relationship with the Lord. Suddenly facing a life and death situation, she was able to bring Vision with them.

“When we are away or in situations like this I play Vision through the app on my tablet or in the car. It gives us all that little bit of normality when our world is upside down.”

Becci shares Tania’s story

On Monday Tania reached out to Vision for prayer as Dan went into surgery.

“I also sent through a prayer request on Monday during his surgery and the outcome was better than expected. We knew that they couldn’t remove all of the tumour but they ended up getting more than they had hoped. Thank you for always being there, along with the love, support and prayers of our friends and family, Vision helps us keep going each day at the moment.”

Speaking to Robbo and Becci during Visionathon, Tania said that they had already made a commitment to give before leaving Goombungee and were able to honour that this week with their donation.

Hearing Tania and her children share their story and willingness to take a step of faith during such a trying time brought Becci to tears.  “You guys are just awesome. I just can’t imagine that with everything you’ve had to deal with you’re still thinking of others.”

“It says in the Bible ‘whoever refreshes others will be refreshed’. (Proverbs 11:25),” Becci continued. “I just hope and pray that you are feeling this love, not just from the studio right now but from the Vision family around the country. As you go through the ups and downs of recovery that you will know that you’re covered in love and prayers from all around the country.”

Tania Speaks to Robbo and Becci

The Vision family stretches far and wide and when a family member is in need, we all unite in prayer together.

Will you join with us this Visionathon to ensure that this ministry can keep going and keep growing to be a lifeline of Real Hope to those like Tania facing unexpected hardships.

Click here to make a tax-deductible donation online or call our Visionathon phone room on 1800 316 316.

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